Today on the Summer Solstice salute those who are going to death and torture for freedom's sake.


The Divine Calling

On your way to the stadium
what bright light impels you

even though
they have the force and the power
even though
you know you
are betrayed.

As you splashed cold water
on your face this morning
did you hear
the cadence ring?
What music
for warrior priests?

I am nothing here
no help for you
but I know

I know what they have done
Here and there.
I know who has betrayed you
Who will try to crush you
Silence you.

They are the same
here and there.
Smiling faces, civil and courteous,
here and there,
even as they pull you up slowly
with the crane.

They buy and sell us
health care reform
which profits the insurance and pharmaceutical industry.
The poor are sweated to pay
while Medicare is depleted.

Free money for Wall Street
pink slips for workers
losing everything
to the predatory lenders
dying and blinded from disease that
the rich have conquered
taking our homes for taxes
drugs the only escape
living among the killers they send
to our quiet neighborhoods.

I know who they are
what they have done
and what they will do to you today.

I know we are one people
and you are showing the way,
leading the way.

I am with you
will be with you
soon we all will be with you
for they have destroyed democracy there
and here, our votes worthless.

The light which impels you
is growing with your blood sacrifice
to and through the weary
workers of the world
Your courage is

May the puzzled weary faces of the defeated
smooth into resolve
as we watch
as the whole world watches

Obama turns away
don't want them to think the US
is taking sides
his personal media outlets
ever the lapdogs of power
go dark
they bring us Angelina Jolie and Casey and Caylee Anthony and Jon & Kate
and the CIA lies and Henry Kissinger and street people who say, it is not a Revolution, it is a civil rights march. Listen to the march leaders, they say, ignoring the fact that march leaders have been conveniently silenced leaving interpretations to Hamas loving Berkley students who say,
Really the people do not want regime change.

Do not worry about Obama's media sisters
your blood
calls out to us
beyond their power to distort and smear.
People to people
woman to woman
we hear you and
understand your sacrifice.

Today FOX News mourns the death of the "free" markets
and warns of socialized medicine and
calls the murdered doctor who stood with women
Nazi baby killer
while you die at
the hands of real Nazi killers.
Yet, FOX has gone to
constant coverage of Iran's martyrs
while others turn away.

Obama turns away
he wanted to talk with the Nazi.
Made Hillary wear a veil to show
it is fine with him
and his catholic advisers
Obama's version of choice for women
No Problem.

Black leaders ignoring
their own history to make apologies
for Obama's betrayal.
Obama who never walked into tear gas
or dogs
or water cannons
or clubs.

Hillary's State Dept tells the press
these protesters want to move away from military dictatorship
into strict Islamic religious law
that is what the old men at
the CIA tell them.
So they cover the
shame of their betrayal.

Pay no attention my sisters
we the people know why you are giving your life today
and it is not for the veil
Obama's veil of shame.

You are dying for freedom
You are shouting for freedom
You are raising your hands to grab at freedom
the end of shame
the end of lies You are chanting
Do not be afraid
we are all together
Victory to you my sisters

Don't look to Obama
He is just talk covering
another theocrat.
He bows to the Saudi princes
who hold women as slaves.
Obama bows to them.

Look to the British, and the French.

The true leader of the opposition
is a woman
and has
an army
the US bombed to appease the mullahs
who gave nothing but derision
in return.

Do not be afraid

We are all together.

Thank You
sisters and brothers and sisters
of the light

Tomorrow I will wear a green ribbon on my wrist.
Let everyone see those of us who are not afraid to be with you
despite Obama and his pretense at wisdom
which is only the apeasement of power
to which he bows


Blogger Val said...

I'll do what I can to spread the word, although my effort feels quite meager...

3:46 PM  
Blogger Greenconsciousness said...

Thank You

Dont be afraid
We are together.

6:06 PM  

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