Brilliant democrat analysis

The morning, after the election, democrats are on the talk shows stating that BO is losing states because of his radical health plans. Out of touch much? The entire country is disgusted by the fact that we do not have single payer medical plans; that the entire democrat health care sham has turned out to be a mandatory insurance program with no provision for those who cannot afford insurance. And this windfall for insurance barons is being paid for by cuts in Medicaid and CHIPS health care programs. You will not lose insurance when you lose your job they sing. You don't lose it now; COBRA just jacks up the premiums until you drop it because it becomes unaffordable. Next time they tell you this about this reform, ask if your premiums stay the same; if your deductible stays the same when you lose your job. Ask them how you afford that without an income. And even this minor reform will not go into effect until 2013.

Maybe those voters and non voters were disgusted by the endless dumping of money into Wall Street predators; the elites who funded BO's campaign such as Goldman Saks. The gays are disgusted by "don't ask don't tell"; the rest of the military is disgusted by the lack of troops necessary to do the job in Afghanistan and on and on. No new jobs for the working class; no Roosevelt CCC construction and park and art jobs; no green energy programs;only government retention job funds; more of the same from GM and the airlines. What was promised to win the election has turned out to be blatant lies

No funding of abortion for poor women. Women equated with children in terms of programs and policy.

Women are getting the same sexism displayed so predominately during BO's Campaign. Women told that veils are a "choice"; sharia advocates employed by the white house as "religious" advisors; Condi Rice State Dept liberation programs for Afghanistan and Iraq women eliminated. The taliban welcomed back into Afghanistan regardless of their behavior toward women. Clinton humiliated and without power while men are appointed to take the significant parts of the Sec of State position; ordered to apologize when Hammas complains about statements of fact about Israel. Every time Clinton is second-guessed we see how insignificant her dignity and instincts are to the BO team. But I don't feel sorry for Clinton; she asked for it and acts like she loves it. I feel sorry for the women who supported Clinton and who thought she was a feminist. But what lesson do the democrats draw from the election losses? We should not have the public option in the health care program because it alienates blue dog? democrats..


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