1984 is not just a book

Top 1 Percent Control 42 Percent of Financial Wealth in the U.S. - How Average Americans are Lured into Debt Servitude by Promises of Mega Wealth.

Obama has let the banks pay off their TARP money. Lenders have certain obligations once they accepted Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) money. Lenders signed a Participation Agreement with Treasury (through Fannie Mae and FHA-HUD) as a condition of taking government money. The Participation Agreement commits lenders to follow guidelines issued by Treasury in regard to foreclosure on defaulted mortgages. Banks agreed to modify loans to make the payments reasonable. Lenders agreed to stop litigation once the loan is in the modification process.

So now, in allowing the banks to get out of the TARP agreements, the government will have no power to force the banks to modify the predatory ballooning interest only inflated loans they issued and converted into securities and sold to speculators. And the vultures of wall street will foreclose on more homes, free of any govt restraints. For sure they will be free to add to the principal, late fees, attorney fees, exaggerated costs and penalties of all kinds which they were not allowed to do under the treasury guidelines. Banks/lenders/servicers continually did try to add all these fees to the original loan so that the home owner's mortgage loan grew by thousands before it was modified but they feared the courts would disallow these added costs. Now that the lenders are not subjected to the TARP agreement guidelines, they are free to feed off distressed homeowners without restraint.

Could this administration be any more perverse? Sexism, envy and hatred of powerful women among the elites kept democrats from supporting their most qualified candidate who the working class elected. But the rules committee manipulated the rules so that their big money horse won the race (card). Women raced to support a male over a female and prove themselves "progressive" winning the tolerance of the males in their life. Traitors to their gender, "progressive" the label they crave, not "feminist". These women, desperate to have it all, try to define feminist as something that is not primarily concerned with the rights and equality of women, e.g., intersect, cis, bla bla bla. They employ the doublespeak they see all around them and which Mary Daley exposed in GynEcology. Because women get "ahead" by trashing other women and validating men.

Now that Hillary is humiliated, irrelevant, a lapdog for Obama, they tolerated her. She's learned her place and wore the veil for Obama after his Cairo speech. Why should she fight for women globally when women locally trashed her as she tried to obtain her own place from which Hillary could have used power to help our gender. Yes, Hillary is no longer a threat or a source of aid for the working class.

Howard Dean did not support Hillary Clinton and now he admits the Obama health care program is worse than the status quo. The White House, using the same tactics on Dean as they used against Hillary, characterized Dean's reasoned and knowledgeable analysis as "a temper tantrum". Obama wants to give us forced insurance obligations and call it health care reform. Another of his many gifts to big money. These are the same insurance companies who push people from hospitals a day after surgery, send women home with babies a day after giving birth and tell women rape is a pre-existing condition. Strange how every program Obama promised during the campaign ends up a windfall profit to his campaign contributors.

How much can the people of this country bear? Our corporate politicians support massive immigration legal and illegal, which destroyed our hard won wages, civil rights and benefits, forcing us to become wage slaves. The politicians support wage slavery not just with legislation, but by quiet state grants of over a million tax dollars annually to immigrant organizations such as United Migrant Opportunity Service, (UMOS) in Wisconsin to provide "training" housing and day care for "farm workers".

Now the politicians are taking our homes in foreclosures and every surplus dollar in property taxes, income taxes and new financial obligations such as forced insurance and increased gas and energy costs. Millions for Al Gore's cap and trade business but no relief for working people.

Big money bought our airwaves and their propaganda comes at us continually shouting over the voices of those who can see what is in front of them. The American people do not want govt managed health care, they say over and over. They send their dupes out to demonstrate, financed in buses paid for by big money. Look at the polls they say. Their polls. Their cable news channels. Their bought and paid for politicians. Yes look and try to see.

They laugh and slap names on their bills like health care reform instead of forced insurance. They laugh and say, Let them eat cake. Meanwhile Iran and North Korea make their nuclear plans. Our politicians say, Nuclear energy is clean energy.

Look in the mirror Howard Dean, Pelosi, Reid and Mike Moore and all the so called feminists who elevated race and charisma over competence and experience.



OpenID uppitywoman08 said...

Timing sister. It's everything.

This too shall be resolved. The people under the bus are starting to stand up. While I have absolutely no sympathy for Dean, as he helped to create this fraudulent monster, his words are significant. And his followers were many.

Many will suffer because we are stuck with these four years of deliberate carnage and total ineptitude, it's true. But the only thing that works in this kind of world is Timing. Obama wants to reduce the population, you know. He has a good start, doesn't he?

Sometimes I get blindly angry and it shows in my posts. But always I use it as a purge only. We must keep up our strength, as he is starting "immigration reform". He is deliberately shotgunning America. He will have his lackeys create the same useless legislation as he did with Credit Card Reform and Health Care. It's deliberate. The bills start out one way and he stands by as his subjects "fix" it for his sponsors. It's no longer just obvious to people like you and me, it's also becoming obvious to his sycophants. He is stealing the soul of America just as he stole delegates from Hillary. He is a thief in the night.

But please do not underestimate the ability of Americans to push back. This man just hasn't affected enough of them yet, but he's getting there.

12:34 PM  
OpenID uppitywoman08 said...

Just to ease you a bit on your comment at my place. Here's Condi in hijab. I think it's kind of like when Catholics would make women cover their heads before entering church because women are crap in that church too.

The problem in the ME is they expect them to wear them all the time. But stateswomen do seem to wear them when in the presence of the mosque. Me? I just wouldn't go near their damned mosque and that would be the end of it. But that's why I will never be SOS. lol.


5:20 PM  
Blogger Greenconsciousness said...

OK she has a scarf on INSIDE a mosque but Clinton wore a heavy duty one all over the place the day after BO gave his "veils are a choice" speech

5:40 PM  
Blogger Val said...

Great post - behind on my reading but I shouldn't raise my blood pressure too high in this "joyous holiday season", heh heh.

8:18 AM  
Blogger Val said...

Thanks for the links, I will certainly check 'em out!
but I finally had time to watch the video [UGH] - could not get link to CNN report to work?!? Then again, it would likely worsen my indigestion...

5:31 PM  
Blogger Greenconsciousness said...

What CNN link honey?

6:17 PM  

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