No One Ever Washed a Rented Country

Listen to Tom Friedman on Afghanistan (Fared Zakaria's show GPS today CNN 12-1 pm). Finally a male voice that is true to what women need in Afghanistan.

Recent book:
Hot Flat and Crowded

Politically Correct Zakaria defends Muslim's rights to force their religion on non believers by demanding Europe and the US approve the rights of Muslims to build minarets from which to blare the call to prayer into the surrounding neighborhoods.

Residents already in the neighborhood don't want to listen to to Muslim prayers blasted from churches or mosques often by the use of loudspeakers 5 times a day.

Couched in tortured reasoning, using all the left's buzz words, Zakaria's argument is that those who oppose minarets and presumably all the other aspects of forced religion and sharia law (now in the US because of transplanted Muslim immigrant culture), are in opposition because:
1. opponents are racists (Islamaphobes)
2. and stupid.

Zakaria is the exact opposite of Tom Friedman - He is the embodiment of the beautifully wrapped but empty package that fools the people most of the time.

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