Dane County Animal Rights News

Thursday night is the first part of a discussion by Will Tuttle, Ph.D about his book "The World Peace Diet, Eating for Spiritual Health and Social Harmony". To learn more about the connections between our diet and our lives, tune in at 10pm to WYOU on: Channels 95 cable, 991 digital and http://www.wyou.org/.

Remember it's also on-line, live stream on http://www.wyou.org/

This will be followed at 11 pm by Undercover TV, Episode #58, Beyond the Cage, Is Animal Experimentation Necessary? There was some technical difficulty last week, so this is being repeated.You can also watch it:
The UW-Madison has been in the news hot spot the last 2 weeks- They were cited with 20 oversight violations by the USDA & OLAW and this week the UW "decided" that their research on monkeys is ethical.Read Dave Zweifel ( Capital Times editor emeritus)" Plain Talk:Animal rights folks were right about UW".

Check out the live links: http://www.allanimals.org/

And read Todd Finkelmeyer's report about Friday, Jan 8th's UW All Campus Animal Care & Use Committee's decision.

PLEASE share this information with others. Let them know about WYOU's Animals Have Rights & Undercover TV on Thurs nights 10-11:30,http://www.wyou.org/, online livestream and also on 95 & 991

Please ask them to contact their alder and county board supervisor. They should be concerned about what is happening in our community. We all have a responsibility to not let suffering and unnecessary experimentation on innocent animals continue.

Please send copies of any communication (email or letter, or let us know you phoned)

We have an on-line petition that you can sign and forward on to others . Please sign your name and forward it on to everyone you know in Dane County that cares aboutanimals. http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/isitethical/

Thank you.


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