I sometimes have prophetic dreams usually around the earth holidays usually difficult to interpret but true dreams. This year, last night I dreamt there was an awakening to the status of women in Muslim countries from the educated men who are actually also terribly oppressed by the Muslim religious law. I saw the women smiling driving cars and laughing - free without their male "guardians". I saw the academic men so interested in them, admiring, wanting to know more. The revolution comes from those who are writing papers, especially in academia both in the middle east and especially in the US.

There was no hint of western assistance from the "feminists" in the US. I will say no more to US feminists who are really just politicians as corrupted as those politicians who are in positions of power and who do nothing for women. US feminists are groupies who "love" certain politicians and hate others and call that feminist organizing, following their leader and ignoring the parking meters.

Anyway, my Muslim sisters are going to come through with the assistance of their men. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!


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