Martha Coakley and Democrat voting

A comment I wrote at Clarrissa's Blog:

You understand that failure to perform for the voters is not because the Dems are incompetent.

They are obligated to perform for their corporate masters who fund their employment in very prestigious and lucrative positions.

All those perks and pensions would be gone without that corporate funding. So theDemocrats use their Harvard educations to twist language in the belief that the working class is too stupid to discern the difference between the words "healthcare reform" and the actuality of insurance subsidies.

They use the word "bi-partisan" to cloak the fact that they cannot offend big pharm and big medicine/insurance. They try to blame republicans; again because they believe we are stupid.
So even with a filibuster proof majority they cannot perform as promised.

Because the promise was a lie, not because they are incompetent.

After believing in Hillary's feminism and identification with the working class despite her do nothing history,

and then finally voting for Obama in order to get health care and because I believed the Republicans were worse for overpopulation and working people,

and then watching Hillary gut all the programs which functioned to assist Muslim women economically and politically, started by Condi Rice in the State Dept., and replace them only with speeches about her commitment to women globally and nothing else,

and after realizing that we were fooled again and would get forced insurance instead of health care reform despite electing an overwhelming Democrat majority to a Congress who used the promise of health care reform to subsidize and increase income for the insurance barons instead of eliminating this unnecessary parasite,

after watching those who fund campaigns deplete every tax dollar ever paid by the working class in order to maintain their elite lifestyles with the assistance of the democrat party,

after watching "don't ask, don't tell" remain as US policy to degrade those who give their lives and limbs for democracy,

and watching the abandonment of equal rights for women in Afghanistan and Iraq,

and after watching Tammy Baldwin sell out women and the working class in Wisconsin in order to do what the Democrat party tells her to do,

then realizing that money and health care benefits and pensions and power is why democrat women politicians campaign although they do fight for their own equal rights,

and that they will play ball with the boys and screw women just like the Republicans at the command of the boys who run and fund the "Party".

Greenconsciousness says:

Work primarily to implement the ballot initiative/referendum in every state. (So we can write the laws and people’s organizations can work across state lines)

Once that is accomplished, ignore the alleged two party system, particularly politicians and their assorted groupies, bullies, and sociopath organizers.

Reduce their corruption by demanding that the benefits given federal workers be shared by the entire population including the student loan forgiveness many federal workers receive along with their health care and pensions.

Demand that federal legislators operate from their own states, not Washington, and communicate with each other by computer.

Demand that all politicians receive as salary the medium income of their state's private sector workers with no benefits.

Demand state government workers get a salary no higher than the medium income of the private sector workers.

Support people's single issue, pressure organizations if they do not have corporate funders or fundraisers on their boards. (Those orgs with corporations on board and some Unions do not work for us or even for their stated objectives. They now work for those corporations who hire their staff)

Fight density and overpopulation whether it occurs by immigration or tax supported breeding. (Despite what the elite tell you, density is not good for the environment, humans, or nature. It is just good for real estate developers. Check out the environment in New York City)

Save the wild places, parks, forests, sanctuaries and trees.

Fight toxic agriculture, grow and eat organically.

Fight child and animal abuse, and:
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Blogger Val said...

Politics = color me disgusted; that's why you'll rarely find anything remotely related to politics mentioned on my blog! (besides, too many friends/family IRL know of it & might be **GASP** scandalized!)
Thanks for your recent comments; I do surf by Fugly as often as my heart & blood pressure can stand it!

3:59 PM  
Blogger Greenconsciousness said...

I hope your health is holding up with all the recent stress. My heart went out to you when I read your last two posts. Take care - you have friends and admirers.

4:39 PM  
Blogger Greenconsciousness said...

I Blame the Patriarchy had a post about it here:

Not much shocks me anymore but this did.

4:45 PM  
Blogger JaneDoeThreads said...

Hey, long time no hear! I just wanted to pop in [I still read and write and still making trouble, LOL], and tell you about another blog, met her online, Awesome advocate, esp for animal rights, you'd like her...she is a photographer and her work she uses to end trafficking of humans and animals.

Her blog is awesome, you'd like it, just hit her blog link--and I've been writing more on my textile-activist blog, here

I use the pen name Jane there, for Jane Doe [for the invisible who are not invisible and homeless women, the name I chose for the art I do, JaneDoeThreads.]

Over past months been working with some awesome and courageous women confronting head on the fundamentalism in churches, which I found, can be Just as fundamentalist as Islam, but it a more hidden in that its cleverly cloaked behind kindness, but the damages to women are Just as damaging and there are hundreds of women caught up in the vicious psychological cycle--many religious cults too, and they are growing. Which goes a long with nationalism, ironically, some of the forces opposing Islam [where religion is concerned] can be supportive of other forms that are very similar to the misogyny In Islam, in Islam women are driven to suicide bombing, etc. via Sharia and war and abuse--in Cults using scripture, women slowly rot in a soul death, in a form of martyrdom---so am learning a lot there how fundamentalism across the board has a lot in common, though with Islam, there is the Political infrastructure that is interlinked and is far more compassing in Every aspect of life, something westerners do not grasp.

But anyway every now and then have to come back to 'center' so I don't get too bitter/lost in the dark, if you know what I mean...I've been writing a lot about the cotton slavery [children] and the differences between the worlds where Textiles/arts are concerned, a lot of willful ignorance there--among women, so been addressing that world and there is So much potential for women to actually Do something--if we can just break through the apathy and often times, willful ignorance of the issues.

I am finding the apathy and indifference is the hardest to deal with--that is how I found out about livinghonestly--needed some inspiration and stumbled onto her site, from a missionary-relief worker [the true thing, he's from UK, working in Nigeria, building water wells, also he does some work with street people in one area of India, gypsies who are part of the lower caste, very kind and genuine man, who also works, without barely any notice, his small mission team is on the top of my blog. When you have time check out his photos, he does a lot to assist some of the poorest of poor, mostly women and children, in Nigeria.]

Well, got to go, still read here and still pray/think of you, sending love and love energy your way,


Natasha [Jane on Needle Workers]

5:39 AM  
Blogger Greenconsciousness said...

Oh so GLAD to hear from you! You, like Val and DJF and Song and VB are one of those I carry in my heart. Far See(rs). I will check out the links immediately and get them up. I have a post called "Mary Daly died". When you get a chance you should read her book titled,"GYNecology". It will blow your mind. You sound good. Your work sounds good. Much Love to you on your path toward the light.

5:57 AM  
Blogger song! said...

Love to you Green.

Here's to Mary Daly.

Prayers for the family of Neda.

Hope you enjoy the Meanderings

8:10 PM  
Blogger Double Jointed Fingers said...

Great post, Green.

My father passed on Friday - funeral tomorrow.

3:52 PM  

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