Beyond the Veil

The secret to ending bitterness is to stop complaining about the bad but to instead let the irritation of seeing the bad be the spur to tell people the real meaning of things which have been twisted by the controllers to their bad ends.

Like there is no afterlife. The desire for an "after Life" heaven, hell,the white light, etc, has been used to control people. They are told how to behave and that their afterlife depends on how they behave here.

To believe this is primitive thinking.

YOU live only and totally through your DNA which is everywhere and hard to destroy and in that DNA is your consciousness or various separated aspects of it.

Afterlife preachings are stories invented by people who want to believe that "after" all will be forgiven and we will be pure again. Our mistakes unmade. Our enemies sorry and our victims forgiving.

But right here is how you live; how you die and then there is only change.

Hell is the slime/ether/aura/connecting intelligence that sticks to you every time you do evil, in word. and deed. This can be reinforced until it has a life of it's own.

That slime hurts as napalm hurts - it makes ordinary things you see that remind you of the doing of that evil a source of pain. Until it hurts to see anything, be anywhere.

And it is not like you can "just be done with it" and "get over it" because the opportunity to recreate the behavior will keep reoccurring and so will the behavior until you change. You are forced to change by the amount of slime building up on you. The spiraling cycle works for good and evil.

Other will people feel your psychic slime and avoid you or behave hostily with you when you are honest. So you have dishonest relationships with them.

I do not know if other people feel this way - unconscious people do not, I know.
I try to be good because I do not want any slime on me not because of anything religion ever sold me. Religion teaches nothing honest about dealing with those who have hurt you. In fact, religion teaches women to be willing second class citizens.

I think dealing with those who hurt you is believing in yourself. I believe healthy organisms will strive for goodness - not because of any need for a god with a hell stick wand or laws of 3x3, or karma.

The organism strives toward perfect lightness of radiant health. The slime of little evils is a cancer on it. Wisdom is learning to clean off that slime by facing bravely the symbols of memory. Transforming their meaning to the self by viewing the self detachedly.

Which you can do because you are God, always writing the script, working with what you have got, to get more or to just be satisfied. Trying to avoid the slime where you can.

But other people's slime, especially from those unconscious, is all around you.

In an old blues song, Johnny Winter I think, said:

"... so much shit in Texas, you just got to step in some."


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