Ebony's Story

Driving along a country road. The fall day was beautiful. The sun was like gold.

Suddenly the car in front slowed down. Something black was thrown out on the ground.

I pulled over and looked back. My God, it's a CAT!

Still very much alive, he was jerking with pain.

I ran to his side. I saw his pain, as I looked into his eyes. A pain of betrayal and disbelief, that he could not hide. Ebony lost his leg that day. His physical wounds have healed, but his spirit sometimes seems far away.

Ebony's been waiting a very long time, for a loving person to go that extra mile and show a three legged cat, he's really worthwhile.

Touched By A Paw
182 W. Main Street Whitewater, WI 53190
Phone: (262) 473- 4769 Fax: (262) 473- 0779

Touched By A Paw, Inc, is a non-profit organization dedicated to the care and sheltering of stray, neglected or abused cats. It is run entirely by volunteers, and subsists only on donations. We receive no government help or funding.

Touched By A Paw began in 1998 in a room behind Reflections of the Past, a vintage clothing boutique. Reflections of the Past is owned and run by Janna Burhop, our President.

We are in desperate need of wet cat food. It must be a non fish variety, and Friskies or Nine Lives is preferred.
Check out our Calendar of Events!

(Greenconsciousness Note: This is a shelter with a fabulous Vintage Clothes Shop Reflections of the Past in the front of the shelter: If you buy yourself a velvet cape, embroidered kimono, rayon dress from the 40's, or any of the hundreds of other outfits and accessories. you help the kittens and mama's in their lovely hammocks - sign up to get their wonderful newsletter - their goal is to teach compassion.
Open Saturdays 12:00 TO 4:00PM or by appt.
Call them! The clothes store is open all week so don't stay away because of the restricted hours.)


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