Ask the Government to Allow PETA to Testify at Katrina Hearings

This Thursday, September 15, the House of Representatives Government Reform Committee will hold hearings on the federal government’s response to Hurricane Katrina. Please ask the committee chair, Rep. Tom Davis, and its ranking minority member, Rep. Henry Waxman, to allow PETA to testify about the plight of animals affected by disasters such as Katrina during their hearings.

Let them know that the suffering of human hurricane victims was only heightened by the federal blockades that prevented humane agents from rescuing animals and by evacuators' insistence that animals be abandoned to die. Please also urge Reps. Davis and Waxman to ensure that the well-being of animals be included in any local, state, or federal disaster response plan.
Call Rep. Davis today at (202) 225-1492.
Call Rep. Waxman today at (202) 225-3976.

Thank you for your vital role in preventing this heart-wrenching tragedy from recurring. If PETA testifies before the Government Reform Committee, we feel certain that lawmakers will be convinced that leaving companion animals to die in a natural disaster is a national shame that must be addressed. For more information on PETA’s efforts to help animals in Katrina's wake, please visit
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