Racist and Sexist Tactics from/form "Our" Side

Sexism and racism is not confined to the Right as I believed before Bush took office. Winning the fight for personal power is all that matters to the elite on both sides. The issues so important to working and middle class people (and all those who hold democracy important) are simply "useful" to those who make their living preaching the Gospel to the believers.

All this bitter, personal , spiteful attacking of Bush and Clinton, which will be continued into the next election, actually works against the welfare of our own class and kind and serves only the needs of the social elites.

Partisan politics are a substitute for building issue based groups and organizations. These tactics become habit and then act to destroy our issue based organizations as we turn them against one another in internal power struggles.

The Right's threat to individual freedom and contempt for the electorate is obvious, especially after what they did to Bill Clinton and still are doing to Hillary Clinton. Bush's presidency exposed the hypocrisy of the Left. The left does not stand for human rights when their side is not leading the charge.

Maureen Dowd, supposedly a feminist, supposedly progressive, turns into a sexist hack for the left's good old boys when the partisan need arises. Seemingly unable to argue substantively with Bush's appointment of Rice and Miers, Dowd resorts to sexist slurs against single, childless, working women.

Slurs worthy of the basest sexist mudslinger in the Oct. 6, 2005 - Wisconsin State Journal, page A12, titled "JUST WHAT WE DON'T NEED: ANOTHER BUSH WORK WIFE"

Here is a taste of her sexist labeling of working women in that column:

"office wives"
"unqualified" (despite a lifetime of work with CEO positions and honors in the field)
"self sacrificing buttoned up nannies"
"adoring work wives"
"vestal virgins guarding the sacred fire"
"acting as enablers rather than honest brokers" (honest brokers?)
and my very favorite,
"workaholic bachelorettes"

Roberts is somehow not a "workaholic" maybe because he is married although he works no less hours than the "bachelorettes". Not one word from this democrat about Robert's wife being in "Feminists" for Life. He is so very, very qualified (because Republican good old boys appointed him to positions of power, just the same as the unqualified"workaholic bachelorettes" ). For a fair look at Meirs go to Feministe

The left/ right division is an illusion used to demigod the ignorant to support the elite. Racism and sexism will be used by both sides. Human rights will be picked up and discarded when convenient. Issue importance is meaningful to the rank and file but only important to the rulers when the elites of both parties seek to rally the support of the rank and file to maintain their own power.

When dealing with one another, the rulers are in perfect agreement. As an example of this I write to recommend an article in this week's New Yorker Magazine 10/10/05. "Getting In" by Malcolm Gladwell, page 80. Nice connections between anti-Semitism and the northern "left" version of the good old boy's network.

As you may have noticed "character" is now the standard for judicial appointment's Senate confirmation, rather than substantive position. This elevation of character over substance reaches its' pinnacle in the John Robert's confirmation as Chief Justice wherein both my democratic senators voted to confirm a right to lifer.

The "Getting In" article exposes the doublespeak civility and pedantic conformism of the rulers. "Getting In" is an examination of that facade as a tactic of the elites to exclude the outsiders and maintain their own class power.

The moral for us is not to sacrifice our issues to elect leaders who will not care about them ultimately but rather to organize around the Issues we care about and give up the delicious back biting, name calling, and political assassination of partisan politics.

If we can only understand that these tactics are exploited and encouraged by our leaders for their own PERSONAL profit not our good.

These tactics make us feel as if we are working for change but they are only a false substitute for doing the hard work of persuasion and organizing for real change. Partisan politics are childish, indulging our basest instincts to keep the worthless in lucrative positions of personal power.

We need to work with either side when they vote the way we want and to abandon either side when they do not support our values. Building toward our stated goals is so much harder than calling Bush stupid and the women he appoints names which degrade them as women. But ultimately so much better for our bodies and souls.


Blogger Jami said...

and don't get them started on condi.

we don't have anyone as ethically disgusting as rush limbaugh and ann coulter on our "side." but i think some people wish we did.

you're right that if our country is to heal this divide, rather than calling each other names until the weapons come out, we have to work together issue by issue, and include the middle with more than lip service.

6:34 PM  
Blogger greenconsciousness said...

I love your blog Hillary Now!
but why is it stop her now? I want her to run with Condi as vice pres but only after divorcing Bill. I could not take 8 years of him humiliating her and the country with other women in the white house, even though he is brilliant with good solutions to problems. She can use him but she should divorce him so his affairs become his own business.

9:13 PM  

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