The Proposed Iraq Constitution may not support our continued presence

Why are there no teach-ins on the proposed Iraqi constitutions sponsored by the law school, the Bar or the International Law/ Constitutional Law Professors?

The entire question of whether we have been successful at "spreading democracy" in the middle east is determined by whether Iraq adopts a civil law system or Sharia (religious) law in its new constitution.

The proposed legal system, by whether it protects the individual from state power, protects women's equality, and minority rights, answers the question of whether we have created a theocracy or a democracy.

The administration is blurring all answers to such questions. Condi Rice talks for hours about Islamic democracy when asked about the proposed constitution. Afterward I have no better idea than before she started as to what kind of legal system is being institutionalized in Iraq.

This makes me suspicious.

I feel the Law School has a civic obligation to present a factual explanation (publicly in the media)to US citizens of what legal system is being institutionalized in Iraq.

A blogger Named Sandi started an excellent analysis here in a forum. She gave cites to where you may find the actual constitutions of both Iraq and Afghanistan and cited chapter and verse to support her observations. A class act, indeed. If you click on her name you can find her blog.


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