Cat Sanctuary in Texas in Desperate Need of Generators

Wiskerville Cat Sanctuary in Texas

Yeah they are all congratulating themselves on their great evacuation in Texas but they do not bring up the animals they left to drown.

Wydell Dixon, another one of those unsung american heroes, trying to alleviate some of the misery around her town, has been left on her own with 300 cats and 30 dogs. She opened a sanctuary some time ago and has been working to upgrade conditions for animals in Texas ever since. Go to her site and take a look at what one woman has done. Those of you with cats will know what it takes.

It is 100 degree in Texas today. Wydell asked for one thing to help her out. She needed a weatherized truck to evacuate the animals in her sanctuary. No one would give her one - none of those politicians on your TV screen cared enough to find a truck. In fact what did happen is that the fine citizens in her neighborhood dumped their "pets" on her front lawn after the politicians announced that the shelters will not take animals. In fairness, dogs are dying in crates in the heat of cars with no air conditioning. It is a hard thing but Wydell has no more room. She had to build a little elevated space in the backyard for two dogs dumped on her property as there is absolutely no room in her building.

So Wydell is alone there in her sanctuary, cleaning the litterboxes, waiting for the dark, in the heat, the windows boarded against the wind rain and flood. She is asking for help. Please pressure Texas Officials to send her 3 generators and the fuel to power them. Please help me with this. Write Wayne Pacelle at the Humane Society, PETA anyone you can think of that may help.

I think she is somewhere near Galveston Bay in Texas City, approximately 40 miles south of Houston.
Although Galveston allowed some poor to take their animals, many cities did not. So one sanctuary owner in Wiskerville chose to stay with the 300 cats and 30 dogs. She only asked for the donation of several generators and to date no one could get even one to her.

So if the cats die she dies with them. If they survive - please let 's get her several generators.

Address1112 - 6th Street
NorthTexas City, TX 77590

If you would like to contact Wydell by email for a non-emergency or topic other than an animal available for adoption, please click here.


Anonymous Kim/Whiskerville Animal Sanctuary said...

Hello! This is Kim, the webmaster for Whiskerville Animal Sanctuary. I am hunkered with my seven cats at my house a little northwest of Texas City and will stay online until the weather dictates disconnecting and securing my computer.

Thank you so much for posting this information on your web site! FYI, the link to the main index page of the site is:

The storm seems like it is going to continue east which puts us on the "clean" side. We'll still get high winds and rain, but nowhere near as bad as taking a direct hit or being on the "dirty" side of it.

Again, thank you for posting this on your site!


4:29 PM  
Anonymous kim said...

Unfortunately Wydell has no computer access over there at the building. I am her aunt and webmaster of the Whiskerville web site. She told me about your blog and I just checked it out and posted a comment.

> Thank you SO much for your post! It is so frustrating that most people, especially city officials, don't care too much about the animals. They're a disposable commodity. Needless to say, we don't see it that way! I live
in Santa Fe (a little northwest of Texas City) and am staying at my house with my seven cats (all rescues). I have the same attitude as she does.
Either we all survive or we don't. Leaving them behind is not an option.
Fortunately it looks like the storm is continuing to move a little east.
We'll still get wind and rain/storm surge, but nowhere near as much as if we took a direct hit or were on the "dirty" side.

> Again, thank you so very much for what you are doing!!!

> Take care,
> Kim

4:50 PM  
Anonymous Laura S. said...

I first found out what Wydell was doing when I heard her speaking of how she was going to weather it out on CNN. My heart went out to her. I have since then been wondering if she and her furry friends faired well. I've already put together a letter to write anyone that can possibly help and you have suggested a contact person, but where do I locate an address? I am a huge animal lover and have done my share in veterinary care and placement of animals to new homes. I no longer work in the veterinary field, but where I live, everyone knows to bring me the strays and injured animals and I always do my best to lend a helping hand. My husband and I have cared for what seems like everything under the sun, such as cats, dogs, birds, horses, and goats. Anyway, I was happy to see that the storm took a turn and that it wasn't quite as powerful as it could have been. Hope all is safe and sound.

Austin, TX

12:05 PM  
Blogger greenconsciousness said...

Dear Laura Angel:
In my latest post I speak of going to the Best Friends Blog - well here is what happed when I did:
Green consciousness notes: I was so worried about the Wiskerville Sanctuary and another kind poster on the Best Friends Blog found the page of their web which has an update. I finally figured out that you have to scroll down by dragging the mouse downward
I am happy to announce that although the Wiskerville Sanctuary in Texas City still does not have a generator and the a/c failed and it is very hot, they are safe, alive and receiving support and encouragement. Blessings to all who helped. The note below is from the 2 Wiskerville women who operate the Sanctuary.

Now that all of our animals are secure, we are busy rescuing animals in Texas City that have been left behind by their owners who fled the storm.Thank you for any assistance you can provide and keep us and our beloved animals in your thoughts and prayers
Go to my post on best friends 9/25 (on this blog) and at the bottom in orange is this message from Wiskerville - right above in Green is a link to their home page click on it - she gives an update and a phone number where you can call and leave a message as she cannot get e-mails right now. Do call her - she is brave and will not break but she and her aunt Kim DO NEED YOUR HELP! It took me a day to figure out there was more of a message than what you can read on the screen. You have to drag your mouse down to read her message as there is no scroll button. When you drag the mouse down the screen scrolls up!

12:22 PM  

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