This Hallows in the name of all the women held in slavery all over the world, defeat Alito

The symbolism is overwhelming. The US is at a crossroad and is being given a choice .

It seems as if we are being tested. The people of the US can really value the freedom that is the foundation and genesis of our country and the heritage of those who love the union; value freedom from religion , value civil rights, protect individual autonomy - or not .

Freedom's symbol was a clearly qualified, single, childless, self supporting, self sufficient, professional woman.

She was burned at the stake of those who stand for the enslavement of women to men as property of the male or the state. The lower the status of women in society the higher the power of their God in their eyes - they have a compulsion to force people to do what their God wants as revealed to them in their sacred book. They want to overly control others.

Their choice results in slavery to religion {meaning the clerics} and the state; the outcome which is illustrated by Iran. The Theocracy choice is personified by a married, male, catholic, Judge who wrote in favor of requiring a woman to notify her husband before she has an abortion.

On Hallows 2005, the day when Rosa Parks ( the Mother of the Struggle Against Law For Freedom, Goddess of Freedom, Crone of Civil Rights , Scourge of Unjust Laws) recently dead, past, is laid in state in the rotunda, on THIS day the Congress of the United States welcomed the cleric/judge Alito to his Supreme Court confirmation hearings.

How they crowed about Mr Judge Alito Salito's Eminence --- so very very qualified. All the right schools, the right internships, the best associates, the finest families, the correct appointments and..... oh yes, ...of course, the correct case holdings.

So very very very qualified to do their dirty back ally work. The best and the brightest.

Bush, who I like more and more, decided to throw , to those he sees as raving ungrateful idiots, a bone. How he laughs behind their backs while the Bush women spit on the sidewalk. Miers was his friend and he admired her. He doesn't like to see good people hurt by bullies. This trait defines him. Bush is used to outsmarting those who think they can push him around.

So this Hallows Rosa Parks whispered to Bush and he chose a Big Trick because it is a treat for him to do so -a release of sorts for him - a loosing of the tightness around him. Trick and Treat - Man the best of both worlds and he gave those idiots what they wanted. After all, they told him they welcomed a fight - Bush welcomes the opportunity to pick up their dead bodies off the battlefield. Maybe then he can get some real work done.

Come to the Magic Theater and let the games begin.

I have your tickets right here.

On the dying darkness of the moon, this Hallows Eve each woman must slay the dragon of passivity, and merge with the spirit of Rosa Park's Will for self determination and Independence.

Tonight while the old moon wanes and dies, think about how to promote equal rights for women. Also on this night where the moon is dying we can watch the divisions between feminists wither and die , you can watch the ego divisions die so that unity and sisterhood can grow with the new moon.

Use Hallows to watch your fears die, watch the things that divide progressives die in importance to us in terms of dividing us, watch the inequality of movement hierarchies die... and as whatever reasons that have caused you to view political work as undesirable fade, a new insight replaces that feeling of reluctance.

You see how you can work from home so to speak, take advantage of opportunities special to you and those like yourself. Instead of joining large organizations, it is just you and a good friend or two with no demands, only fun and tricks.

New grass roots action groups replace and supplement the established groups and they help one another for the goal they all want, large groups and small groups learning to co-operate for the goal. Sharing the glory and the money - getting enough for everyone as our projects become the country's priorities.

Previous Self sacrifice is changed to a merging with self created abundance, spontaneous happy actions in nonpartisan groups united by issue alone, yet diverse by nature creating abundance for you and all who wish to partake. The shared and compounded abundance elevates the quality of the actions making them more positive in tone.

The practice of cooperating for the common good elevates the skills of all the citizens.

Meditate on the strengths of the dandelion, see the grass is covered by them all standing alone and separate from one another, watch them turn to seed. Watch the field turn white. Hear the growing wind behind you tonight and tomorrow, while the dark moon dies, while all divisions die within and without for the good of everyone.

As the power of patriarchs, that had been growing in strength, meets hard opposition by the new moon, their rigid rules are dying. Democracy is coming on a new level ----on a more open, communicative level with less secrets and more abundance for all from ecologically sound development.

The new moon this year 2005 on November 1, brings a new age with an emphasis on what we have learned focused on restructuring our and other societies in an ecological, self- sustaining, organic way.

We have a chance to be involved in directing how we want this done - or not. A new chance to synthesize all the collective wisdom for the common good.

With the Nov. 1, New Moon can come organic eating and its industries, can come sustainable agriculture, can come the end of huge agri-business farms operated with migrant labor, can come local and sustainable eating from smaller farms with larger profits and humane methods.

With this new moon comes the beginning of the end of the exploitation of animals in the food industry and conversions to a plant based diet.

With this new moon come self sustainable energy and ALSO freedom from the utility companies, come the rise of the solar industry.

A new military comes with this moon, reformed for this age, a new intelligence, an army that does not torture or teach torture or tolerate torture, which cherishes its soldiers and the soldiers it trains to protect civil rights. A new moon army which crushes only the forces of fascism and brings the new way of personal autonomy and freedom to those who want it.

The new moon brings a new way, less special privileges for some and more abundance for the unlucky and abused. Reformation of the United Nations (starting with its' women's programs).

We can make the US good for its' citizens again and then export that concept of Eco-Unity in Democratic Diversity through our foreign policy.

That is Global Eco-Feminism - valuing self determination, equal rights, special protections to overcome discrimination against minorities within and by the majority, separation of church and state, expanded personal choices, personal value systems separate from the civil government and its programs.

On Nov 1, all over the world in Iraq and Afghanistan, and India and Pakistan and Indonesia, all over the world that you know of, a new woman's moon is being birthed and at that moment we must be ready to see our new world birthed from the death of our apathy.

So spend today thinking about what is dying and what you want to birth.

We visualize the joy in the struggle and ultimate victory with an abundance which will cover, spread and protect all the light workers of which you are one.

We visualize the character and power of that moon. We can see the soldiers protecting women's rights abroad as we see ourself, in our own way protecting women's rights at home and expanding that to include all citizen's freedoms.

See the dandelion all white in its' field of dandelions. On Nov 1, let the air behind you roar over you taking all the seeds on the wind.

Abundance linked, both to expand our own civil rights at home and other people's abroad.

We make the United States stand for women's rights defeating patriarchal authority.

At the new moon on Nov 1, will yourself to unite and rise with other women all over the world who want freedom, let yourself merge with that desire to defeat the rule of the father and to take the right of self determination through equal rights.

Visualize the process as easy with the energy of a growing moon, joyful as growing light, fast as a dandelion seed in a strong wind.

Visualize merging with a world wide movement for freedom, visualize making women's rights the first priority of our foreign policy and the measure of how successful we are in establishing democracy in the Muslim countries.

That all starts Nov 1 , we begin by organizing to defeat Samuel Alito's appointment to the Supreme Court by direct action rather than reliance on others.

As important as it is to defeat Alito it is more important to Begin Now while this moon dies.
Begin To Commit,
Begin to form the Intent.
Begin To see and cut through the dividing lines and those who strung them.
Begin to Do whatever we want to do to take back our rights, defend what we have gained over the past 40 years.

Democracy must mean equal rights for women. The primary value and guiding principle must be individual self determination. To choose who you will be in the world should be a right reserved for the individual within society.

Communication, education, persuasion, compromise are the skills we must practice in a democracy but also we must call on both Rosa Parks and our own Higher Self to learn the skill of self defense. Freedom is NOT free.

Begin by choosing to see and understand the threat to freedom in terms of your own personal interests . You need to determine what defense you will use to protect your self autonomy and other women from those who fight for Theocracy. Those who demand your submission to the rule of the clerics, demand the submission of women to men.

We must realize and recognize the real danger of Theocracy and those who represent it such as Alito to all of us, male and female, who value freedom for the individual as opposed to valuing the controlling power of the state OVER the individual.


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