Spirit of America

Listen, our soldiers want stuff for widows in Iraq and Afghanistan. This Holiday, consider making a donation in a friend's name. Spirit of America will help and 100% of what you gives gets to a soldier's project. There are a variety of projects; you can choose any that particularly interest you. There is a whole list of individual troops unit's projects on the Spirit's website. You will get to know the individual soldier in charge of each project. I know I would much rather get a card saying even five dollars went to a woman in Afghanistan than anything else this holiday.

P.S. There is also a list of fully funded projects on the Spirit's website. Things we have done. Your heart will swell with pride when you see what the media didn't tell you.


Anonymous SoA said...

Thank you so much for this lovely post about our work! We feel honored to have you as a supporter of our efforts to help our troops make a difference.

All our best for a wonderful Holiday season,

The SoA Staff

7:35 PM  

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