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The post-New Hampshire media narrative, same as the pre-New Hampshire media narrative: sexism doesn’t exist from The Ghost of Violet @ Reclusive Leftist 13 Jan 2008 1:01 am

How pernicious is sexism in American life? So pernicious that the media and the pundits and a large segment of the population, it seems, are determined to pretend — to us or to themselves — that it doesn’t exist. Ergo, the shameful treatment of Hillary Clinton in the press, and the determination of women to vote for her, has nothing to do with sexism. Because sexism doesn’t exist. Not in America.
In the wake of the New Hampshire primary, the punditocracy went nuts trying to figure out why so many women voted for Hillary and why the press didn’t see it coming. The New York Times inadvertently stumbled into part of the answer with this article: Women’s Support for Clinton Rises in Wake of Perceived Sexism. Not “Women’s Support for Clinton Rises in Wake of Crying Jag,” because that didn’t happen. No, women’s support for Clinton rose because they were fucking FED UP with the misogyny of the press, which reached a tent-pitching crescendo in the crucifixion that followed the so-called “crying.”
See, that’s the problem with being a journalist nowadays: occasionally, in the course of investigating stories, you actually happen upon the truth. This is inconvenient if the truth doesn’t correspond to the dominant media bullshit, and the dominant media bullshit in this case is that sexism doesn’t exist and everybody in America despises Hillary almost as much as Chris Matthews does because she’s Satan with a Vagina, that’s not opinion, just fact, no sexism here at all.

The Flaying of Hillary Clinton from Egalia @ Tennessee Guerilla Women 12 Jan 2008 5:25 am"The flaying of Hillary Clinton shows us we can take nothing for granted. We need to break that tough, annealed, glass ceiling with the barbed wire over it. And we need to break it now. If this is the politics of gender, so be it. We need a politics of gender in this country.
Echidne of Snakes' greatest hits: Tweety's (Chris Matthews) blatant misogynistic issues with Senator Hillary R.-Clinton;
Maureen Dowd's self-misogynistic issues are painfully exposed whenever she rants about women in politics, especially Senator R.-Clinton;
Echidne notes that just because John Aravois is Gay, that does not absolve him from being a sexist ass;
watch as Echidne tears the New York Times a new one for their usual misogynist stupidity;
the media's obsession with missing and dead white girls and women,
and the subliminal misogynistic and racist messages behind the very selective coverage.
It’s been fun, of a sort, watching the media fall all over themselves as they try to explain or cover up or drool in bewildered astonishment at their inability to divine that Hillary Clinton would win the primary in New Hampshire. It’s fun mixed with the anger of the same people who dismissed the polling in Florida and Ohio in order to make questioning the legitimacy of the Bush junta indecent.

In a corrupt system any tool of public deception is turned on or off depending on what the predetermined effect requires. And none of these tools is more used than opinion polling, the fraud which supposedly uses the opinion of the public as its raw material. You would think from the frenzy of “abadabadabadabadaba” flowing from the TV that they are afraid the jig is finally up, that the people have seen the wires holding up the levitated elephant.

If only.In the spirit of ditching frauds, it’s time for us all to stop calling the large majority of our media “journalists”. That word should never be applied to Chris Matthews, Tim Russert, anyone on the cabloids or those who phone in “editorials, analysis, opinion, a-says-b-says pieces, etc.” They aren’t dealing in supported facts, their work doesn’t support the truth. They are opinionists, that’s the polite way of putting it.

I know that calling them something else is closer to the truth, but we need something they can say on TV. Not that they will. As one person said to me, "What about all those polls over the past year that said Clinton had it sewn up? What happened

Some weekend reading… from Pseudo-Adrienne @ Pseudo-Adrienne's Liberal-Feminist Bias 12 Jan 2008 7:20 pm


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