Cries Britches

The ballad 'Cries Britches' on Youtube has reached 100,000 visits. They are going to publish this news in the main animalist pages of Spain.

The Below was written by member of the ALF which is a global organization. Their english is not perfect but their hearts are just fine.


The song "Cries Britches", with music of the group of Lyvon rock and lyrics of the poet Padilla Angel reached 100,000 visits in the vestibule .

"Britches Cries" is dedicated to the macaco monkey Britches, that in an American scientific research laboratory, to both days to be born, separated it of their mother and they sewed the eyelids to him to verify if the induced blindness produces cerebral injuries, putting under it simultaneously interminable sessions of ultrasounds emitted by great helmets tied to its small head by fabrics, all it almost greater than its own head.

Britches, luckily, was released by the ALF, Animal Liberation Front (in the page can be seen the video of the liberation), not therefore the million animals that anywhere in the world continue being used like coberries in experiments of all type, like the one to cut the head of a dog and to put it in the body of a monkey or the one of "the false mothers", that it consists of separating a monkey of his mother and showing mothers to him of peluche, floods of nails, other who emit current, that the monkey continues itself embracing thinking that she is his mother; experiment this using with the excuse to verify the affectivity of the animals between its same types.

All these stupid and cruel experiments are carried out without no type of anesthesia nor compassion. For that reason, by all those that "still follow there", Lyvon and Padilla they united his creation and arose "Cries Britches", powerful and dark ballad where Britches speaks by all those that "they follow there", as well as by all the other animals that in the world are humiliated and assassinated by the man, who undergo the most extreme solitude, the incendiariest pain and madness, in the cruel zoos, circuses, cattle ranch, traditions... As much the components of Lyvon as Padilla Angel we are thankful to all the affection to the song and, which they have still not listened to it, we animated them to do it: .


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