Not So Fast

This is lifted in total from the Taylor March blog. TM has a better layout and I advise you to go there to view it. The most comprehensive information on talking and organizing is in the commentaries on the Hot Topic section of her blog. If you do not read anything else on the web READ THIS THREAD!

Not So Fast
Guest post by Scan

WomenCount PAC plans to run the following full-page, front section "open letter" in USA Today and other newspapers in the coming days, and they need your support.

Not So Fast…
Hillary’s Voice is OUR Voice,
And She’s Speaking for All of Us
We are the women of this nation. We are rich and poor, young and old, married with kids, married without kids, single moms, gay, straight, and widowed. We are every color. We are of every religion. We are from all political parties.

We love our country. Now more than ever, so much of what we cherish is at risk – our homes and our health, our safety and our planet, our children and our values. We raise our voices, in one glorious, defiant chorus, to tell the world that these times demand strength, courage and vision.

And that is why we stand united in our unwavering support for Hillary Clinton. As Senator Clinton campaigns, she speaks with our voice. She carries our hopes, dreams and aspirations with her and transforms them into policies that can make our nation great again.

We know that Hillary will not rest until every American has health insurance, every child can start school ready to learn, every young person has a chance to attend college, every worker will have a safe job at decent wages. She will not rest until our men and women in the military receive the care they deserve and America foreign policy is grounded in human rights and military strength.

We know this because we have seen her do this -- at home and around the world.

We cannot stand by as a cacophony of voices demand that she step aside to smooth the road for another.

Women risked all they held dear to make this country great. They put their lives on the line in all our quests for justice – from Abigail Adams to Sojourner Truth to Susan B. Anthony to Eleanor Roosevelt to Fannie Lou Hamer to Barbara Jordan to Dolores Huerta to Hillary herself.

We know that when women vote, Democrats win. Now it is the responsibility of our party to hear our voices and count all our votes.
We want Hillary to stay in this race until every vote is cast, every vote is counted, and we are convinced our voices are heard.


To make this full-page placement a reality, they need your support today and through the end of this week. Please see nycvoter's post in Hot Topics for more information on what you can do to help get this message out.

Update via DebDeb:
WomenCount PAC is appreciative of all those who wish to donate to the ads they are planning to run. They stress, however, that if you are not maxed out, that your donations go to Senator Clinton's campaign FIRST and the WomenCount PAC second.
Please send checks Payable to:
"WomenCount PAC "
Mail to:
c/o Megan Asmus,
The Sutton Law Firm,
PC150 Post Street Suite 405
San Francisco, CA 94108

An overnight FedEx would be appreciated, but is certainly not a requirement. They will be happy to receive your donation via snail-mail. If, however, you are sending FedEx, please include the law firm's phone number on the package: 415.732.7700.

An electronic payment method is also in the works.

In order to place this ad according the schedule below, we have started a PAC called WomenCount PAC. The FEC ID will be issued in the next day or two at most. In order to place this “open letter” ad, the WomenCount PAC will need to raise $80,000 by close of day Tuesday, May 13 and a total of $250,000 by Saturday, May 17.

The letter will run in full-page format in the front section as follows:

1) USA Today – Thursday, May 15

2) NYTimes Sunday Edition – Sunday, May 17

3) Portland Oregonian – Sunday, May 17

4) Medford Mail Tribune – Monday, May 19

A press release, blog and viral email blitz will accompany the timing of the USA Today and NYT placements and we hope to begin a wave of “patience” and desire to see this entire process through to the end.We hope you will reach into your heart and into your wallet and give any amount between $20 and $5000 dollars to put this important letter up. As you can see, we must receive at least $80,000 by the end of the day on Wednesday. Checks should be made out to WomenCount PAC. It is imperative that you Federal Express your checks to:C/O Gabe CamarilloThe Sutton Law Firm, PC150 Post St.Suite 405San Francisco, CA 94108415 732-7700


Blogger Greenconsciousness said...

Bobots are giving out a false website for "Clinton Supporters count too".

This is the real one:

7:28 PM  
Blogger Greenconsciousness said...

Music and arts blog

I am not going to publish disgusting personal sexist comments characterizing Hillary unfairly with your own projected woman hatred. Hillary, the finest example and role model of womanhood the country has seen in years.
So if you, like most Bo supporters, cannot speak your own truth without making criminal and unsupported comments about her, you will not see your posts here. Powerful women frighten and repulse you - get therapy.

What a great speech she made at the Jewish Conference today, how she used her political power to demand that the Chosen One never deal with Hamas and his other friends in the middle east theocracies who hold women in slavery. That is what Hillary is going to do with her power - speak truth to sexist nominees,for all women.

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