Sign the petition but also...

The DNC's Rules and Bylaws Committee is meeting on May 31 to make a decision about Florida and Michigan. Send a message to the DNC telling them to count the votes and seat Florida and Michigan's delegates.

Sign the petition - but also tell the Dammed DNC that the Michigan and Florida votes must be counted in proportion to their actual candidate count or done over completely. Many volunteers have offered to pay for a do over. Obama is unfairly attempting to cheat the people of these states by opposing a do-over and insisting the delegates be split equally between the two candidates, thus giving him delegates he did not win. BO deliberately took his name off the ballot because he knew he would not do well in working class Michigan.

If BO continues to argue the votes from those states should be split equally, delegates should refuse and split at the convention in proportion to the actual votes given for each candidate.

If the delegates refuse, voters for Hillary should write in her name on their presidential ballots.

Got this misty video from Heidi's blog

Check out this West Virginia Mountain Woman who reports her activity for the Hill's big victory.


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