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I would like it if you would pass an update along to Dignity List Subscribers. Much appreciated. Norma

Dear all, I have thought endlessly about what to say concerning what is going on with me, how I am doing, and how I miss the work. In the end I am speakless. I was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer in April. I was alone when I was told. I remember my body convulsing. The Dr. left without telling the nurses the news he just conveyed to me, so they were shocked when they found me hysterical in my little cubicle. Since then I had a 7 hour surgery, mainly to see if there was anything missed or if anything else could be done. There isn't.

I have been offered chemo, "to buy time," but mostly been encouraged to choose a shorter quality of life over, the effects of the chemo. Many of you come in at this point. You have given me the will and resources to fight.I have gone to one of the best alternative health clinics that was founded during the beginning of the breast cancer "movement," 25 or so yrs ago. They recommend chemo, supplements, and we are exploring clinical trials, meanwhile I am also seeing a Vietnamese Dr. The upside is that my first CAT Scan since surgery was very good. Many of the side effects, as well as the size of the tumor, have either resolved or in the case of the tumor, it has grown very, very little. I am extremely tired and lonely, but with your help and caring, I am fighting.

I am now meeting long term survivors-today is my first meeting and they are offering many alternatives as well as much needed support, such as the best nutritionists and Stanford Doctors for 2nd opinions. I have lost 80 lbs. and can't seem to get enough calories or the right ones to stay healthy and keep every little ounce.

Your thoughts, love, and support means more than you know. It is lifesaving. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will stay in touch. Keep up the great work.
Love and hugs, Norma


Please support Norma's medical fund.

As most of you know, Norma is the founder and Executive Director of SAGE, one of the first survivor-led service centers for trafficked and prostituted women. For almost two decades she has been a leader and an innovator in the work to fight human trafficking. Now she needs our help. We hope you will take the time to visit this site and make a contribution to a Friends of Norma fund.


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