SAVE OUR SWANS: DNR Keeps Killing at Taxpayer's Expense - Racine Referendum

I just received this message. I want to know how many job positions are doing this work and how much state money goes to this stupid wasteful program? Ever since the DNR stopped wasting money trying to kill all the deer to stop CWD, it focused it's blood lust on swans. Everything beautiful, the DNR wants to kill. They have the kind of employees who are thrilled when they can kill beautiful creatures.

The people who have lived with families of swans on their lakes for generations have organized after the DNR arrogantly refused their requests to get off their land and leave their swans be. A woman watching her old friends raising their babies saw them shot as she was taking pictures for children. She is suing the DNR whose sharpshooters came out of nowhere to kill her swan friends in front of her.

Here is their message:

Racine County Board will vote this month on a proposed referendum we have initiated. We want to protect the remaining mute swans since the DNR has continued with their "kill all free flying mute swans in Wisconsin" policy. This Spring they oiled the eggs and the young were suffocated. This is cruel and inhumane treatment! We still need your help!


Blogger Julie said...

we live in Kenosha county where the dnr is also setting their sights on the complete eradicaion of the mute swan. The next trophy bird in WI will be the trumpeter swan which the dnr has so "sucessfully" reintroduced. October 20th there is a meeting in Madison at dnr headquarters to discuss taking the trumpeters off the endangered list. You know what that means! The dnr will make a mint selling hunting licenses for the shooting of these swans. We would like all swans to be on the protected list. Obviously, the trumpeters didn't have any problem bouncing back with the presence of the mutes, did they? Stop the wasteful spending and the insanity. We could balance the budget (almost) if the Feds would keep closer tabs on dnr spending...

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Blogger Greenconsciousness said...

Julie: I made a whole new post out of your comments at the top of this blog. I hope you are writing on other WI blogs?

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