The anti choice, Palin, Prejean, Transgender Rights, people beat the Woman of Color slate in NOW by 8 votes and we are supposed to care. The anti choice women say,we are sick of abortion being the only issue, we are not against Roe but let the states decide what restrictions they want to impose and no tax dollars for abortion. Later it will be contraception. Be reasonable, the anti choice NOW women say, - too many women have been excluded because of the rigid affirmation of a woman's right to choose. Sara Palin is for choice - really! REALLY all that stuff people say about her born again politics is just LIES -- her daughter? You should not talk about her daughter's hypocrisy, I mean, transformation.

Neither of those NOW slates will/would do anything for women's RIGHTS except dilute what exists now. Neither has called for action for women in Iran; just as during the war they could not open their mouths for Muslim women lest they offend their democrat party. Now they say Obama is just right on veils and Iran. NEOCONS, the left democrats faux feminists say---oooo shiver --the revolution in Iran is all an evil neo con plot to embarrass Obama.

The so called neo conservatives were the only group in the history of this country who made the status of women an issue in foreign policy decisions. Condi Rice was and is the only Sec of State who made the status of women an actual priority, not just talk, in the state dept. The feminist movement might have joined them and corrected deficiencies but no -they were silent. Now they say they are in the State Dept working on "more comprehensive" programs. But HERE is the moment and once again they are silent and this time receiving actual pay for their silence.

All the crap on Allegre about how Hillary is going to perform for women is just empty cheerleading. Here is the moment and Hillary is silent while her sexist boss dithers and fails the women of Iran unlike other foreign leaders. And the NOW lurches along beside them, carefully turning their eyes, using NEOCON as their excuse to betray women AGAIN! What decent woman can stomach these politicians?

The woman who won, O'Neill, ran the direct mail campaign for donations for NOW. Many of us wrote all over those mailing - nothing came of it - they went in NOW's garbage. NOW does not poll the membership on financial priorities and most of the money goes to pay national staff. The presidency is a $200,000.00 a year job and there is money in donations and memberships. That is what the NOW elections were about not all the crap they are saying to get your money. What will they do? Nothing except become an embarrassment to feminists. They will become as the NAACP is today for blacks, a relic with vultures sitting on the funds.

They promise the ERA will be their priority. The ERA does not mention Woman or Women - it uses the word SEX - what does sex mean? Transexuals? sex acts?

This is the ERA as it is now:

Section 1. Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.

Section 2. The Congress shall have the power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article.

Section 3. This amendment shall take effect two years after the date of ratification.

O'Neill, the new NOW president savior spent the last few years working on a transgender rights bill which passed. Can you Guess what the ERA campaign is going to uncover and can you imagine the anti-choice amendment the new NOW will stick on it? Just so it can pass for their new NOW constituency.

Start your own organizations on new models - be like dandelions - spread everywhere in small or large cell groups of friends in each city - keep in touch on line -- use list serves and do similar actions around a common theme that unites you. Have fun - ignore Roberts Rules of Order. Ignore Order - be wild and unorganized.

UPDATE: It has come to my attention that most younger women do not understand the feminist objection to transsexualism being funded with women's movement money. I am not going to explain it - read read read feminist classics for you get pap in the writings of the third wave. To understand the feminist analysis of transgender/sexual ism, read:
The Transsexual Empire: The Making of the She-Male (Athene Series) (Paperback). It is important to get the new edition with the new introduction that addresses the post modern criticism of the book and updates you on the doctors.
From the publisher:
Fifteen years ago, when it was first published, "The Transsexual Empire" challenged the medical psychiatric definition of transsexualism as a disease and sex conversion hormones and surgery as the cure. It exposed the anti feminist stereotyping that requires candidates for transsexual surgery to prove themselves by conforming to subjective, outdated and questionable feminine roles and "passing" as women.

Then as now, defining and treating transsexualism as a medical problem prevents the person experiencing so-called gender dissatisfaction from seeing it in a gender-challenging or feminist framework. Transsexualism goes to the question of what gender is, how to challenge it, and what reinforces gender stereotyping in a role-defined society.

In the new introduction to this feminist work, Raymond discusses how these same issues are now debated in the context of transgender. Transgenderism reduces gender resistance to wardrobes, hormones, surgery and posturing - anything but real sexual equality.

It assimilates the roles and definitions of masculinity and femininity, often mixing and matching, but never really moving beyond both. In a similar way, transsexualism is thought to be a radical challenge to gender roles, breaking the boundaries of gender and transgressing its rigid lines. But if the transsexual merely exchanges one gender role for another, and if the outcome of such a sex reassignment is to endorse a femininity which, in many transsexuals, becomes a caricature of much that feminists have rejected about many-made femininity, then where is the challenge, the transgression, and the breaking of any real boundaries?

This book will be used as a text in women's studies, psychology, sociology, technology and public policy, as well as by medical students, law students, and all who have an interest in feminist issues.

From an email on the subject:

I remember at the college I went to there was a survey of gender identity and the men were more ambiguous in gender identity and the women tended toward a more masculine (strong and assertive?) identity. I don't know how relevant that is but it seemed to reflect a kind of reality. I've always felt that gender identity was less fixed and along a continuum

This is truth and why we cannot let the profiteers butcher away the truth of human nature - the differences between the sexes are not as great as the boys would like -- yes there is a continuum with masculine at one end and feminine at the other but there are women on both ends and men on both ends and radical feminists say; that is the truth and sex role stereotyping is the lie -- therefore no one should be excluded because of biology and where their nature places them on the continuum as long as they do not attempt to lie or deceive women as to what sex they are naturally. All people should have equal rights and responsibilities regardless of where they are on the gender continuum -- this means we accept feminine men -- we do not force them to hack off their penis to fit into a male defined sex role.

About 4 % of babies are genuinely sex dissociative and I believe in the operation for them. The rest of the transgender nation is women with mothers who sexualized the parental relationship and men with fathers who did same and or homosexual individuals, none of whom can openly express their sexuality or deal with their psychological issues; none of whom see accepting your nature as differing from mass culture is a political act which makes the world more authentic and the truth/answers possible about root parenting behaviors.

Where you give money is a political act. Pay attention and reject those who tell you to give up your rights for the big tent. There is no big tent but if you do not fight for them, your rights will be gone. Only our votes matter and that is the system that needs reform. Working class people are losing democracy through a two party system that is really one corporate party.


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I was reluctant to rejoin and try to change NOW from within as were many of you. Then I went to the NOW conference/election. Now I'm asking you to help us build on this opportunity to be heard nationwide again.
Upon arriving, I saw the opposing team dressed in orange. It was clear we were outnumbered 2 to 1—but as it turns out, not by voters, just by agitators. Of the nearly 600 who attended, just over 400 voted. Sound familiar?

As for the opposing argument – it was the same old story. Supporters of the O'Neill slate were cast as bitter, old Hillary-turned- Palin-supporters come to infiltrate this organization and take away women's abortion rights! We are now known all over the blogs as “Pro-life Palinists” or “Pro-life Feminists”.

But we know who we really are, as Lynette Long put it,

“We are “Free- Choice Feminists” who understand that different feminists may come to different conclusions when assessing the best way to advance feminist goals. Especially in a year when the two most prominent women in American politics were reduced, respectively, to a nutcracker and an inflatable doll.”

We presented information, raised tough questions, marched around, stood our ground and said our piece. It was exhilarating to find so many other women who think, feel and act as we do. We are not alone!

These three days were indeed reminiscent of the Obama campaign- Young people dressed in orange from head to toe chanted, ran in packs, recited talking points, would not listen to reason, and shouted us down. Their slate promised change, but had presided over huge losses in membership and revenues, and were backed by the crowd that has made NOW seem irrelevant to so many women, a NOW that did not come out strongly for Hillary each time she was maligned by the media and then failed again to speak up for Palin. A NOW that ignored the way Obama and his allies in the DNC treated Hillary Clinton last year. A now that watched MS magazine rub salt in our wounds — Obama on the cover reading “This is what a feminist looks like”. A NOW clearly cowtowing to the Democratic Party and catering solely to far left democrat members who tow the party line.

Their platform was right out of an Obama speech, all talk of hope and change. Complete with a 33 year old woman of color of limited experience running for President and accusing the other team of racism and ageism for running an “old” white, highly experienced, highly competent attorney for President. Note the so-called “racist” slate contains a 29 year old attorney of color for VP. Obfuscation -sound Familiar?

7:58 AM  
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I was tempted to give it all up and just check out. They had the power – the numbers – the clout- the leadership and they were blasting us from the microphone. They called us racists, Palinists, republicans, Puma's, infiltrators, traitors, rude, crude and men haters but in the end, we had learned a lot from this last election. When it came time to vote, the orange neckerchiefs were shed, and the votes were cast for a new beginning. A new day is truly dawning. A real shift has already occurred and with your help, we can build an unstoppable movement.

I know how disappointed you have been in NOW – I have been there with you. In the past they have not always stepped up to the plate for many of our shared concerns, besides reproductive rights—as is if that were all that mattered. I have heard your complaints they sound like mine. I too am sick of being held hostage to reproduction.

So long as you have reproductive rights NOW does not seem to care if you have civil rights – rights in court – rights to safety or much else. Well now they will.

Under Terry O'Neill's leadership, the team of Bonnie Grabenhofer, Erin Matson, and Allendra Letsome will not rest until women – all women – have equal rights and enjoy parity in every facet of society. Terry is serious about getting women into the constitution and wants now more than ever for this to be your organization. She is committed to making NOW relevant to every woman in every way it's what she does, right, it's her strong point going back to the grassroots, her inclusive style includes listening to the membership.

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Her young and energetic VP team of Allendra Letsome and Erin Matson will use the latest technologies to bring in members and then support them. They will be responsive to women in rural areas and women with disabilities and there will be opportunities for chapters large and small to share new and innovative information. With Bonnie Grabenhofer they will lead national action campaigns that attract, empower and mobilize local activists, strengthen NOW's financial health through innovative fund raising techniques and use cutting-edge technology to amplify activist voices, increase collaboration, and place social justice for women at the center of political discourse.

The vote was close, however. We won it by only 8 votes. We are now being challenged on the blogs in the most divisive of ways. We have in our hands this opportunity to grab the golden ring. This is an up and running national organization and it can be ours and stay ours for the joining. NOW is a member driven organization. It is in our hands but only if we increase our numbers and stay in the majority.

So please folks, a massive membership drive is underway to send an enormous message that we the women of the United States of America demand to be taken seriously and we demand to be heard this time. We need to rise like the Phoenix and show them what we've got, ladies. We are not done yet! Oh, NO—we are not done yet!

Never has it been more important for us to come together and be heard – never have we had such an opportunity to walk into a national organization and build it back up to what it was meant to be. Now is our chance- let's not lose the momentum. We are the majority today help us stay that way- they only sure way to fail is not to even try!

Help me send a message to NOW and the media that we are ready willing and able to take control of our own destiny and speak up! We are mad as hell and we are NOT going to take it anymore! Let's join NOW and make it clear that we are here to stay. Please visit the NOW website and find your state and join your local chapter – or start one!

There is a list on the NOW web site at

Never has it been more important for us to come together and be heard – never have we had such an opportunity to walk into a national organization and build it back up to what it was meant to be. Now is our chance- let's not lose the momentum. We are the majority today help us stay that way- they only sure way to fail is not to even try!

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What are the anti choice, Palin, Prejean, Transgender Rights, peopleFreeUS NOW people organizing? Protests outside ABC show on comprehensive health care. Why -- it is a comercial for Obama. Not a word from these idiots about the non stop TV comercials from BIG MONEY LYING and fear mongering about socialized medicine.

They are such tools and now they are what NOW represents.

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