Songs of the New Dawn in Iran

I offer this for Iran; slightly adapted from the work of P. R. Sarkar from his Songs of the New Dawn

They have broken down, weeping
They are red with blood
Those who have lost all
Have broken down in despair.

Let them bathe in their ocean of light
Restore their trampled dignity
Remove all their deprivations
Refresh their will for self-determination
Fulfill all their needs

And as for U S

With our hearts overflowing
Let us give them Love
Let us give them respect
Let us see their truth and beauty
and condemn those who use violence against them.

Let the sufferings of each
Be healed by all
For we are one species and
the earth is our one mother.


Blogger song! said...

have I told you lately that I Love You?

9:44 PM  
Blogger song! said...

here is a poem, green, it is part of a very very long poem but this is how it begins...


10:26 PM  

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