The Right NOT To Breed -Women are not Animals

Dear Friend,

Tell the House of Representatives to protect women's reproductive rights!

I know it's the middle of a Saturday afternoon. But trust me, I wouldn't be writing to you if it wasn't urgent.

We need you to drop what you're doing and call Congress right now.

The House is voting today on the health care reform bill, and there's an amendment on the table that will cause women to lose coverage for abortion care.

This is coverage that women currently have — and now it's at risk, due to the amendment introduced by Representative Bart Stupak.

The only way we can succeed is by flooding Congress with calls. Please click here to call Congress — and then forward this e-mail to everyone you know and tell them to call, too.

The anti-choice movement is pulling out all the stops in this last-minute attack to make sure that this bill fails women. But we all know that women need health reform that covers all our needs, including abortion care.

What happens today could affect the future of women's reproductive rights for years to come. We need to call today.


Judy Waxman
Vice President for Health and Reproductive Rights
National Women's Law Center

P.S. Please make sure that your family, friends, and networks weigh in with Congress. Forward this message to them and ask them to call now.


OpenID uppitywoman08 said...

The worst part of this is I am not in the least bit surprised at what happened here. I always suspected Obama The Sharia Lover planned to overturn Roe Wade. All he needs to do next is put Koh and another Islamofascists on SCOTUS.

5:36 PM  

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