The Katrina Hearings will not notice the elephant in the room

There is an elephant in the Katrina Hearing Room. And it will be ignored.

In their rush to APPEAR caring and concerned for those poor folk in the affected states by blaming the other political party, BOTH parties will assiduously avoid asking the questions:

Why should we rebuild New Orleans on what should be a natural wetland like the Horicon Marsh in Wisconsin?

Why should we rebuild homes on the Gulf coastline where global warming will send hurricanes of increasing ferocity?

Perhaps Katrina has signaled those dim conservative minds that --oh gee, maybe there is more to this global warming theory of the tree huggers than we originally thought. But I doubt it. That will cut into their profits. There are all those refineries in states that are more than happy to have them there - states where corruption allows a lot of under the table agreements.
No, they will rebuild in the name of those citizens who they let live in filth, feces and corpses for 13 days without food or water. They have already rebuilt the port for --- as the PR releases say, all the fresh fruit that unloads there.

Oh Yes

And the hotels are demanding to be reopened before the water supply is purified because truthfully there IS a need to house the rescue workers and maybe FEMA will pay for space. But those oil boys need a base of operation also.

And the mayor, who never sent the school buses to get the poor and who ordered the rescuers not to take the animals whines, he just wants to hear the jazz again.

Oh Yes

The Gulf needs to become a wetland again - a buffer zone between people and an increasing angry natural world. We HAVE restored 50% of the wetlands of the marsh Arabs IN IRAQ - but it looks like we are not even going to TALK about restoring the Gulf wetlands in the United States.

And where are those environmental groups you have been sending money to for years? I have not heard a peep from any of them, have you?

We have a "weatherization" program in this country for low income households. It was started to reduce energy costs to poor people but has morphed with the consent and assistance of the environmentalists into a program to "conserve" energy .

The utility companies enthusiastically cooperated and probably initiated this change because they are better at their game than the environmental are at theirs. This shortsighted conservation results in the utility companies having more energy to sell elsewhere.
And poor people have higher utility bills after the new "weatherization".
This program which could be used to convert the majority of the population to solar and geothermal powered households, used to caulk and repair windows, even replacing them if they were too drafty. It made the doors airtight. It did carpentry work to eliminate drafts. But not now, instead, it is used to buy energy efficient furnaces and refrigerators, fancy light bulbs and radon detectors. They will not even look at the broken and drafty windows.

They still buy and install insulation and because that makes the air bad they then install fans that send the heated and cooled air into your back yard.
The end result is to raise your monthly utility bill.
They tell you frankly that their goal is NOT to reduce your utility bill but to conserve energy (for the utility companies to sell elsewhere).
They "work closely" with the utility companies.
They talk about the utility companies taking control of wind energy (which kills birds) which will operate the same way gas does now, i.e. monthly charges rather than solar and geothermal energy (which they cannot charge for after installation).

Oh Yes

Is it an unsolvable chicken/egg thing that:
although freedom is what is so beautiful about this country,
yet it breeds the robber baron deregulated free enterprise,
which blocks progress to the paradise of no monthly cost natural energy power,
because that would end the days of big money producing,
exploitation by the utility company bosses?



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