It is time to plant the tomatoes

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*DESCRIPTION*: The Tomato Effect is a startling and rare look at a
battle raging in medicine. Director Faun Kime chronicles ten doctors in
the San Francisco bay area who lose their licenses while practicing
Environmental Medicine and diagnosing chemical illness.

Faun's father, Zane R. Kime M.D., was one of these physicians who
responded with a spectacular legal battle that progressed
to the appellate court and was about to set precedent.

But when he ends up dead after a mysterious mountain climbing accident,
Faun picks up a camera and investigates.
She uncovers not only shocking secrets about her father's death, but the
disturbing truth about the state of health care.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Faun Kime cant be found with a google search, her website distributing the film is no longer up. What Happened?

11:55 AM  

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