The Oldest Show is the Inner Show

The Oldest Show by L D Janakos
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I just read a book that excited me. It is different than any book I have read in 60 years.

It starts out slow with a monastery image which is so diffuse it can be life anywhere and the descriptions catch all the maddening frustration of existing in society with others. Therefore, just as learning the details of anything, the book becomes boring for about 10 pages - I was thinking this is just empty disjointed imagery - then suddenly it all pulls together and the book becomes fascinating and a fast read.

It is a book not written in the style of great books or small books- it is totally different than the usual formulaic books - it is the book we wished our icons (like Dylan) had written but they never did. I could not stop reading. It is the rare great feminist novel. Oh yes it is - you will see it eventually.

The last third will make your heart soar and float like a Hawk. When you are finished you will not be able to stop thinking about The Oldest Show. It is a myth for our generation but much more. It lights the basement of the subconscious in a way which teaches us how to see the myths of our own lives in the context of older archetypes. This is the most important thing the book does and surprisingly, how to do this is rarely taught. Lacking direction in this regard, we ride through life half blind. How it is written will free your creativity. You will see your own inner dialogue in a new, old way.

It is a fast read except for the monastery at the beginning which discouraged me for a week - too much like reality to live through both in reality AND in a book. But I was glad I went back to the book and now the thing is haunting me.

An excerpt from the novel won the University of Oregon Fiction Award. Earlier drafts of the novel won finalist awards from Plover Press and FC2 Black Ice Books. One of it's reviewers, M.A.G., called it "a spiral Escher stairwell changing colors before your eyes". I think that is the best description of the organization and writing style.

The book will be of special interest to academics. They will recognize the University of Garden Stories.

The author teaches at a small college and produced a documentary in 2003 called "Teachers on Wheels "about the organizing efforts of part-time teaching faculty. The VCR is available from or Janakos at Highmoonoon Publishing


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