Louisiana: Urge Governor to Support SB 607 - Disaster Evacuation Plan for Pets and Service Animals

Please contact the Governor, Commissioner Jerry Luke LeBlanc, and the Senate Finance Committee to urge support for SB 607.
Bill Number:SB 607
Primary Sponsor:Senator Fontenot

SB 607 has moved out of the Senate Judiciary Committee but still faces substantial challenges if it is to become law this year. Please contact Governor Blanco and the Senate Finance Committee today and tell them that implementing the modest steps required in SB 607 will cost a great deal less than doing nothing to ensure the safety of state residents with pets and service animals.

The ASPCA has a form letter on their site you can send to LA officials

UPDATE: The Pet Evacuation Bill (LA SB-607) moved out of finance committee today to the Senate floor.

Best Friends says:
Best Friends Animal Society is glad to see that you are actively putting your support behind the Pet Evacuation Bill!
If you have any questions on what Best Friends has done to save animals in the Gulf Coast since Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, or what we are doing to plan for future rescue efforts, please visit our website at www.bestfriends.org
or contact me at the address listed.

For news on the state bill click this linkbelow.

Best Friends Animal Society5001 Angel Canyon RoadKanab, UT 84741435-644-3965 ext. 4410
A better world through kindness to animals



Greenconsciousness says:
One way all of you can help is to send emails to the federal officials sponsoring the federal bill and ask them to get publicity for the local bill AND the federal bill. Write CNN, MSNBC, FOX and the other TV and radio stations who covered Katrina and ask why they are not covering the progress of these bills BEFORE the next hurricane strikes. It is disgusting that they only care when they think it will boost their ratings. Particularly, Anderson Cooper should be contacted.


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