Justice For Half Pint

Half Pint's Story
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One just needs to look at Half Pint's picture and they should be able to understand why Wisconsin needs a Pet Facilities Law. As reported by various media, Half Pint along with 39 other animals was part of a rescue. The picture that you see here is what the Clark County Humane Society (CCHS) found when they went on a mission to the Juneau County Humane Society (JCHS).

The following are CCHS's own words on the rescue and Half Pint:

"While information was sketchy, we were told that the animals needed to be removed from the shelter as quickly as possible."
"Half Pint was found in a cage with two other kittens and an adult female cat. Poor little Half Pint was laying face down in the litter box and could barely breathe due to nasal congestion. His eyes were stuck shut and covered with fecal matter and cat litter...."

"Sadly, Half Pint's story does not have a happy ending. As much as we loved the little fellow and as hard as we tried, it just wasn't enough to restore his health and save him. Due to the rough start Half Pint had, his resistance level was impaired and he could not properly fight off infections. Half Pint recently passed away.

His spirit will live on with everyone that loved him, and it is our hope that his tragic life will have a lasting effect. We're hoping that his legacy may be a Wisconsin Pet Facilities Inspection bill. Several states have this in place and it would have prevented the Juneau County Humane Society situation.

Hopefully, Half Pint will not have died in vain. We miss him. "
For the full version and updates on the rescued animals, please follow the CCHS Rescue link under our links section to the left of this page. Pictures of Half Pint are courtesy of the Clark County Humane Society.

What You Can DO!

Hard to imagine but here in Wisconsin animal shelters, pet shops and other pet facilities are not regulated nor licensed by any one authority.

While there are anti-cruelty and mistreament laws, the animals under care at such facilities have to rely on local law enforcement to intervene.

For many of the already over burdened and under funded law
enforcement agencies this is not an easy task nor a priority. But you can help change that!

You can use your VOICE! Click the link What YOU Can Do NOW!

While it may be too late to save little Half Pint, it's never too late for positive changes.

We here at Justice For Half Pint believe the time has come for Wisconsin to pass a Pet Facilities Law. No animal should suffer at the hands of the people entrusted to care for them. We believe that a Pet Facilities Law is a preventative measure!

We believe that shelters, pet stores and all other pet facilities should be required to have a license and be regulated by Wisconsin's Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP).

While Half Pint was a victim in life, his legacy should be a reminder for all of us - WE CAN DO BETTER!



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