Gender apartheid in Japan

Japan has resorted to gender apartheid to control the problem of men harassing women. Men grope women on the transit system-those crowded buses and trains. It is a huge problem and to "solve" it they are not putting the men in prison but instead now have women only buses and train cars.

This is a country with a depleted environment, overcrowded from unrestrained reproduction and the utter subjugation of women. They have been evolving from holding women as slaves for only 50 years, one generation, and are at a critical stage. Gender apartheid is a step backward.


Blogger Noumena said...

This is not apartheid, which would be an enforced separation, ie, forbidding all women from men's cars and vice versa. Instead, this is the establishment of a safe space, not unlike a DV shelter where men are not allowed in parts of the building, or a feminist bulletin board that only allows feminists to participate.

Also, I would question the factual basis for your assertions that Japan has a `depleted environment' and suffers from overcrowding due to `unrestrained reproduction'. Japan has some of the most robust environmental laws in the world, along with some of the lowest birthrates -- the `overcrowding' is due primarily to environmental regulations under which a huge percentage of the country's acreage is designated protected forests.

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