Jon Benet: No sympathy for the Ramseys here

The Ramseys, especially her mother, pimped off their daughter Jon Benet, to fulfill their own twisted egos. They didn't give her violin lessons or astronomy lessons. They did not offer her art or clap when she showed off her reading skills. They clapped when she pouted at the camera. They urged her to look more sexy for the camera and clapped when she did.

Mrs. Ramsey taught Jon Benet that using her little body provocatively at 6 years of age pleased her mother. Winning beauty contests pleased her mother. Because her mother wanted to relive her glory days and correct her own mistakes. She wanted to be the "expert" in this child's life. So she groomed her like any pervert and sold her to judges at contests for the most "beautiful" child.

The Ramsey's exposed Jon Benet to those who are sexually interested in children at every pageant - they made her dress in suggestive clothes, wear tons of make up, bump, grind and parade her body on a runway - smile and be sweet to strangers. That is what she was reinforced and praised for doing. To this day that family is saying that is what the child "wanted" to do as if they did not groom her for it.

They absolve them self of responsibility totally.

I will not apologize to them for all the suspicion that focused on them after the child's death. They asked for it, plain and simple. Now they are saying it is a southern tradition to pimp off your children. That's a lie to justify their abuse of that child. To justify the dangerous situations they exposed her to every time her picture was published. Every time they distributed her videos.

They are creeps as are all parents who put their children in "beauty contests". I hope the Ramseys serve as an example to other parents who are exploiting their children the same way. Normal people do not do this to girl children. There is something sick in those families - sick and perverted.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beauty contests for children is a bad lesson to teach kids- "you have to be beautiful to be special." That said, I think you are guilty of misdirecting your blame and anger for this innocent childs death towards the parents.
The anger should be towards her perverted killer!!

You posted an interesting story about your cats that reveals a lot about you. You were offended when the city blamed you when your innocent cats were victimized by a lunatic that used them as target practice. You were pissed off that they didn't go after the offender, instead they made you look like the bad guy. You and little Jon Benett's parents have something in common. Too bad you care more about the feelings of cats and not your fellow human beings who like you, are fallible and make bad judgements sometimes. At least your cats are still alive.

11:42 PM  
Blogger greenconsciousness said...

No, my cats are dead - tortured and then killed. I did nothing to encourage or cause their death except refuse to have sexual contact with a sociopath who lived next door.

That being said, you have a good point. Where is my anger at the actual killers? First, I do not know that the Ramseys did not kill the child. Second, I have spent my life trying to raise consciousness about perps, in the beginning learning the dynamics and indicators, then trying to teach everyone including the system. Part of my total rejection of the legal system now is that it ignored the danger of people who tortured and killed animals which is one of the signs of a person who will hurt children or others in general. Instead the judge and prosecutor focused on me, to teach me a lesson, like the sadists they should be protecting us from. They abused their power, had their fun, and the Dombecks could move in next door to you tomorrow.

Perps are abused children who grew up and now exact their revenge. But the Ramseys pimped off their own daughter for their ego needs -because Patsy did not have anything better to do with her wealth. Where is your anger? How long are children going to be treated like this before this is unacceptable behavior in our society? Hollywood uses children like the catholic church does and no one even seems to notice. How long before people like you stop tolerating the sexualization of children?

6:12 AM  
Blogger Noumena said...

You're right that the Ramsey's decision to objectify and sexualize their young daughter is appalling. But your analysis that leaps from this to the cause of the girl's death is surprising, coming from someone who styles herself a feminist: would you say that any other victim of sexual assault is to blame for the way she dresses and acts? If so, you're standing well outside the mainstream of feminist thought.

9:05 AM  
Blogger greenconsciousness said...

I am not blaming Jon Benet. I am blaming her pimp parents who sexualized a defenseless child for their own ego gratification - maybe because adult relationships and activities were too hard for Patsy Ramsey or maybe, as I said, she was trying to relive the only time in her life when she felt special and admired.

It does not matter really, why she did it. Marketing a child as a sexual object should be a crime.

I am saying her parents exploited a defenseless child, put her in a situation which degraded her and made her vulnerable to predators. This is why I do not feel sorry for them or regret their persecution. I think they deserve it and more.

Do you think telling parents to monitor their children's contacts on the Internet is blaming the victim? I would not care if Patsy Ramsey made a fool of her adult self on a runway but I am outraged she did that to a child REGARDLESS of the killing. I am outraged that any parent is allowed to do this to any child.

Because it warps a child's sense of self. Look at the mother who never developed herself into anything but a beauty queen. When the beauty was gone her desperate emptiness caused her to use her own child to get back some feeling of worth. This horrible dynamic turned a child into a sexual object at 6 years of age and taught everyone who watched that this sexualization of children was OK.

That is why I think the Ramseys asked for the destruction of this child and invited her sexual assault. Because they cared more for themselves than her safety.

You understood this when Michael Jackson dangled his child over a balcony or the alligator guy dangled his baby in front of an alligator or when a parent leaves a child in a hot car or drives drunk. This is no different. They dangled their child in front of predators, they lured them in. This does not excuse the predator but these parents are also predators and should be punished. The only victim was JonBenet. If we continue to ignore parents pimp behavior we are saying you have no duty to protect the children you bring into the world.

How did they think this child was going to ever have any kind of life seeing other little girls as competitors from her earliest days on earth? How would she ever accept the boredom of school and develop her mind to become self-sufficient? What were they preparing her for? But of course they never thought of her at all.

9:59 AM  
Blogger Noumena said...

it warps a child's sense of self. Look at the mother who never developed herself into anything but a beauty queen. When the beauty was gone her desperate emptiness caused her to use her own child to get back some feeling of worth. This horrible dynamic turned a child into a sexual object at 6 years of age and taught everyone who watched that this sexualization of children was OK.

All completely true. But none of this implies that `the Ramseys asked for the destruction of this child and invited her sexual assault.' That's the same reasoning by which a tank top that shows a bit of cleavage or a short skirt is an invitation to harassment and rape.

8:25 AM  
Blogger greenconsciousness said...


I understand what you are saying but I think they did invite the destruction of this child if not consciously her rape and death. I think any parent who does this to a child is responsible for their destruction as much as whatever predator internal or external finally gets her - as much as a parent who sexually abuses a child is responsible for their destruction.

I think "delinquent" children in the juvenile justice system are the end product of bad parenting and I think those parents should be held criminally responsible for what happens to their children as well. And I will keep saying this as long as people keep doing this to children.

Let me remind you of why we said no WOMAN invited rape by her actions. It was because we believed the civil rights of women should not be curtailed by the predators and that the legal system should concentrate on the predators not the victim.

But I do not believe anyone has a civil right to destroy a child - destroying children should be limited. I think there should be a parenting standard whereby a parent must take action to provide a child with the skills they need to be self sufficient. Which includes not deliberately pimping them off in the pedophile circuit as well as not beating or verbally humiliating them. Parent's civil right is not to have children they cannot adequately parent. I believe people should not be ALLOWED to have children without parenting classes which include child development. The Ramseys certainly cannot plead poverty. They could have educated them self. They could have reached out to psychologists, got some opinions on their obsession with beauty and coyness imposed on a baby.

But i respect your position Noumena and I understand it. I think it is an honorable position and a compassionate one. I would even believe in it if the Ramseys had admitted what they did was wrong, ugly and stupid with a defenseless child both to her mind and her spirit. I can understand that most people have no idea of the depth of evil in the world around them and do foolish things unaware of their consequences. But the Ramseys are still telling everyone beauty pageants are harmless"fun". - A southern tradition (my father is from the south). They have not set up any foundations to educate other parents about child development issues with their wealth. They have not worked to change any laws. They are different from people who take normal precautions and are attacked by a predator. After JonBenet's horrible death, they acted only to protect them selves just as they were only concerned with self when the child was alive. So I will continue to say the Ramseys are monsters and should be prosecuted for failure to protect.

10:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Generally, more people believe they must hide/sqelch/prevent anything fun/healthy, for fear of attack, the more likely the attacks. That's true for so many, faces, curves, religion, privacy, freedom, various civil rights...

Does that mean we throw all social considerations and cautions aside? No, that would be crazy.

However, the so called "invite" happened over many years, as sick individuals developed into monsters.

Trying to control ourselves so that perps won't loose control doesn't work very well. The only time it works is if we're not in vulnerable situations.

So what do the perps do? Many children/pets/others are often abused/murdered in and around their own homes or taken from them...during the night, during a party, during a sleep over...playing out in the yard...

A culture of fear and caution often coexists with high abuse and crime rates.

Go figure.

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