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June 12, 2006 : 12:00 AM© by Laura Allen, All rights reserved
Update July 2, 2006
Less than a month after its introduction in the U.S. House of Representatives, the Farm Animal Stewardship Purchasing Act, HR 5557, has already been targeted for defeat by pork producers.

In the June 29, 2006 issue of the online magazine for pork producers called "Pork", there was a call for a letter writing campaign urging members of Congress to oppose the bill.

The magazine decried that the new bill would prohibit gestation or farrowing crates for pregnant pigs. Pregnant pigs are routinely kept in these crates; they cannot stand, turn around or really even move at all.

These very intelligent animals suffer extreme psychological as well as physical distress from this cruel treatment.

For more on this inhumane practice, including a photo of pregnant pigs kept in gestation or farrowing cratesand the Arizona initiative and Florida law trying to stop it
You know, that "conspiracy" of "liberals", animal rights people and others of that ilk that want to impose their views on you and destroy the American way of life.
No amount of fear mongering, however, can change the fact pregnant pigs should not live in gestation or farrowing crates.
No matter how many dire warnings the farm producers offer about the evils of "federal laws" and the destruction of the American way of life, egg laying hens should not live confined in battery cages with no room to move.
It is knowledge of those "real world" "production process[es]" that has revealed the horrific force feeding of geese by food producers to make a delicacy for human consumption, foie gras.
There is no "hidden agenda" here; the agenda is to require humane treatment for all farm animals. The fact is, regardless of what the farm producers would have you believe, they have not and will not treat animals with even a modicum of decency until they are required to do so.
A 2003 Gallup poll revealed almost two-thirds of Americans "support passing strict laws concerning the treatment of farm animals." In a 2003 Zogby poll it was determined approximately 70% of Americans say it is "unacceptable" farm animals have no federal protection from abuse while on the farm. In that same poll, it was found nearly 75% want farms to be "inspected by government inspectors to ensure that regulations to protect animals from cruelty are being followed.
Don't wait until this bill is up for a vote. Write or call members of Congress now. Organize letter writing campaigns in your community.
If passed, these animal welfare guidelines would mean anyone who sells meat, eggs or dairy products to the federal government or one of its programs cannot, for example, confine animals such that they cannot even turn around or extend their limbs or wings.
These suppliers will not be able to withhold veterinary care from animals and just leave them to die.
Do not look for foie gras on the menus at military bases or Congress’ dining halls. The guidelines would prevent suppliers from force feeding animals.


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