Thanks Bill Clinton

More misogynist coverage of the Clinton campaign today on FOX. The A for assholes Team uniformly and sexistly condemned President Clinton as an aging rock star in spandex when he confronted abortion protesters with their signs saying abortion kills children. Bill Clinton said , "you want to criminalize women and their doctors but you won't say that because you know you would not have a lick of support".

Well, you should have heard the AH Team, "Bill has torpedoed her campaign, he reminds everyone about what they do not want about the Clintons, his finger wagging..." (he pointed, not wagged -- but every chance to bring in reminders of Monica is on their daily talking points).

Tomorrow we vote in WI. Let's see if the people can still think or if they buy the boss's corporate line.

As a woman who had a butcher abortion when it was not legal, I say , Thank You Bill Clinton -- keep showing our anger to the world - keep defending us and safe, legal, cheap abortion. It is the honorable thing to do and shows how different the Clinton campaign is from the bible thumping and pandering Obama campaign.

Who hasn't Obama sold out to? First, the hate gays Baptists and then the Nuclear Industry and now the right to life clones. Yeah, his presidency is going to be great for women.

And now his thug supporters having cried racism once too often to be credible are WARNING us that the uncommitted delegates had BETTER vote for him or else they will trash the convention - see how soon the personality cults turn fascist?

To read the truth presented in a LOL way, go here, scroll down and read the last five or six posts: Reclusive Leftist


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