Today I listened to nauseating women on NPR. One from NARAL explaining why they were proud to endorse Obama. One from Emily's List excusing women they gave 300,000 & 500,000 dollars (of OUR money) respectively, for endorsing Obama. If I hear one more national so called feminist leader excusing their own and the MSM's sexist treatment of Hillary Clinton I will explode.

I said it during the WAR when I tried to get feminist organizations to support Iraqi and Afghan women and I say it again now. Most Second Wave Feminist Organizations (FWFOS) have been wholly corrupted. They do not work for women, are not part of the feminist movement and you should not donate to them. They are working for their non profit businesses. There are republican and corporate types on their Boards and their interests are commercial not feminist. They are even more of a scam than a business. A scam to separate you from your money in order to give it to the elites. They travel in elite circles and have contempt for true believers just as Obama does. They are experts at justifying their betrayals. They say they do it for you, sweetie.

When their actions lose us this election, then will you stop creating a grass roots collection plate for them?

The antidote for this is a refreshing post at Shakesville:

Hillary Sexism Watch, Part Ninety-Goddamn-Six

posted by Melissa McEwan Wednesday, May 21, 2008
In case you needed any motivation for Assignment: Teaspoon below, CNN—yes, the same outlet currently running the question "Do you agree with Sen. Hillary Clinton that the press has ignored sexism in the campaign?" without a trace of irony, unless their position is: "No, we're not ignoring it; we're fomenting it!"—yesterday featured a panel debating whether calling accomplished attorney and advocate, former First Lady, two-term Senator, and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton a "white bitch" is appropriate.


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