Don't donate to fake Clinton support websites

Fake Clinton support websites have been set up urging you to donate to them through paypal -- this is a fake one:

bugshale has left a new comment on your post "CLINTON SUPPORTERS COUNT 2":

Hi: please join us by logging on to
together we can change the course of history of this great nations. It is time for the common man to take a uncommon stand and tell the DNC and Super Delegates " hell no, we won't go"
The sexist language is one sign of a false website - Another sign of a false website is the fact that it is asking for money - diverting money from Hillary -- with nothing to show for it but a cheesy website.


Give to Hillary at her official website or to Clinton Supporter PAC.

Don't give to false websites set up by con artists and Bobots.

The women who have been slandered by these fake websites are here - go visit -they are doing GREAT WORK


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