Democratic Party Primary Reform (DPPP)

The blog is Democract in Exile (FKA Men for Hillary) and Mark has worked in the party all his adult life. Many of us will not vote for any democrat until the party reforms itself. The traitor Feinsten proposed the usual democrat idea of reform which is reform in name only. She submitted a bill which is appeasement verbiage but insignificant change, much like what Obama is doing now with Hillary Clinton. So far his fundraisers have donated $100,000, to reduce her thirty million dollar campaign debt.

In terms of Democratic Party Primary reform we need caucuses eliminated. They exclude the old and the working class. They shout people down and bully the vote. We insist there is no monopoly on certain states always going first. We do not want republicans voting in democrat primaries.

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This PUMA says "Hold the Hearings Now!"
on 7/12/2008 10:26:50 AM, written by Mark on Dem In Exile.

If you have been to the links I provided in my last post -- Will Senator Feinstein Follow Through with Hearings on Primary Reform? -- here and here, you should know by now that Senator Feinstein's primary reform bill sucks. Am I being too harsh? Just Say No Deal! and PUMA seek primary reform. Ed Rendell promises it as bait for the disenchanted. Time's a' wasting'!
Before Senator Nelson introduced his primary reform legislation on June 6, the only recent primary reform legislation pending in the Senate was Feinstein's. The BIG PROBLEM with Feinstein's legislation is that it continues to allow caucuses and it continues to allow Iowa and New Hampshire to be first in the nation. Memo to Feinstein: Not a chance!
The BIG QUESTION now is whether Feinstein will follow through on her promises to have hearings on primary reform this month.
You can write to Senator Feinstein here.



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