Nothing is more important than freedom. In every issue of your life ask what contributes to more freedom for you personally and make that your politics. In Iran the people do not have guns and they are slaves without freedom. Choose Freedom with complete responsibility to do no harm to the god in others - no force anyway. You have the right to defend your self and your freedom. Learn to establish boundaries with such integrity that you are not forced to hurt space invaders.

From Song's Blog

This July 4th, pagans are writing about the Goddess of Liberty and Democracy.

Sia at Full Circle Lady Liberty: The Goddess of Democracy

The Goddess of Freedom: from Libertas to Lady Liberty
by Selena Fox

Pagan Values by Inanna

And when we think about freedom, you may want to read Sia on the Shadow. She found the perfect excerpt from TS Elliot:

Between the conception and the creation
Between the emotion
And the response
Lies the Shadow

- T.S. Eliot

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