Humane Society: Lack of government coordination impeding pet rescues

There was a man named Lee Bercheron [sic] on CNN tonight with my favorite reporter. This reporter, Anderson Cooper, has done so much on animals.

The reporter told how it hurts him to hear the cries of starving animals inside the locked houses. The guard has not been given the order to break down doors and take them out.

Well, Lee was told by the Humane Society that his help was not needed but he drove to the area anyway. Lee said that info is wrong. Volunteers ARE needed. They are understaffed. The big welfare groups say their shelters are overcrowded. The shelter at Gonzales is turning animals away. So Lee set up his own shelter for animals.

Now Lee is going house to house feeding animals on the street, shoving food and water into locked homes under the door pebble by pebble and where doors are open but the dogs and cats are hiding, leaving lots of food and water. When an animal does approach or allows him to approach, he takes it to shelter. On his own, he takes their pictures and posts them on Petfinders website hoping their owners will see them and come get them.

They did not give the correct spelling but he said his websites were: and I spelled them as I heard them - if they do not work, keep looking. This is one guy who should get everything we can give.

Join Him if you can. Get your shots - bring mosquito repellent, waders, gloves and crates - food etc. Lee is much admired by me as is Anderson Cooper. I see the hesitation and pain in his eyes. He is taking action to save them on his own with no support, just because it is the right thing to do. He did not listen to the No just send us money response of the established animal welfare groups. He saw they were NOT meeting the need and the need was more important than their authority. Question Authority. Remember? If you find Anderson Cooper of CNN you can find Lee.

On CATV find videos of animal rescue you should watch. The Humane Society says it needs boats although by their own admission they have raised over 10 million dollars from animal lovers in just two weeks. SO BUY THE BOATS WAYNE.

From CNN

BATON ROUGE, La. (CNN) -- Tens of thousands of pets left behind -- Tens of
thousands of pets left behind -- Tens of thousands of pets left behind by Louisiana residents as they fled Hurricane Katrina are imperiled despite the presence of relief workers because governments have not established policies on what to do when pets are encountered, the head of the Humane Society of the United States said
Friday. National Guardsmen, firefighters and others want to rescue animals, and have rescued animals in some instances, Wayne Pacelle said. But most pets are being left to die because government leaders have not articulated policies allowing them to help animal rescue groups, he said.
"They just need the cue to go ahead and do it and help before it's too late.
We have literally now just a few days left," Pacelle said

The Humane Society estimates that 50,000 pets were left behind in the New Orleans area.
Many people left a few days worth of food and water, expecting to return after
the storm, Pacelle said. (Posted: 2:46 p.m.)


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