The Punishment of Virtue

Sarah Chayes, who used to be an NPR correspondent, has written a new book. She quit NPR after the liberation of Afghanistan, went to live in Kandehar and tried to set up a small business to compete with the opium trade. She failed and writes in this book about her experiences and what she thinks the U.S. could do better in Afghanistan. The book is titled "The Punishment of Virtue".
Sarah Chayes shares horrifying accounts of the so-called free elections which we were told signified the march to democracy in Afghanistan. As women, there is so much we should know about our actions in the middle east that the American media ignores, preferring to emphasize bodycounts and shows that preach love and tolerance for the Muslim religion.

I now despise WPR in general having heard Joy Cardin and Kathleen Dumb Dunn air one to many shows on Islam, the wonderful religion, while they have never once done a show on women's rights under any Muslim theocracy. They do not even seem to understand Sharia law and it's relationship to the Muslim religion.

When they do their endless series of Muslim spokesMEN and their Aunt Tom fembot clones on WPR radio, hailing the true teachings of Islam (somehow different from the way the religion is actually practiced anywhere Muslims have political power) Cardin and Dumb Dunn never ask any intelligent questions. But Jean Feraca is different.

Jean Feraca has educated her self about the Muslim religion, sharia, theocracy and the status of women in any Muslim society. She presents the most complex intelligent radio discussions with people who see the world as it is, rather than as the political slogans they are given by ideologues.

This is a link to Feraca's website and the show with Sara Chayes. It is worth your time to listen to it or better yet, buy the book.

For Program On: Wednesday, August 30, 2006 at 9:00 PM
In 2001, Sarah Chayes (Chaiz) left NPR to help the Karzai family rebuild Afghanistan. After nine, on Here on Earth: Radio Without Borders, she gives Jean Feraca a riveting account of her experience on the ground, and the ways in which tribal warlordism still rules Afghanistan. Guest: Sarah Chayes, author of "The Punishment of Virtue: Inside Afghanistan After the Taliban" (Penguin Press).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

According to her book she works closely with the Taliban. They are terrorists, drug growers and smugglers. This year is a bumbper crop and the British can't buy it all.

Chayes has unique access to Taliban in a NATO war zone. Most think she must be CIA. No one else is allowed to work so closely with the Taliban.

11:48 AM  
Blogger tpd said...

RE: "Most think she must be CIA. No one else is allowed to work so closely with the Taliban."

When people use terms like "most" and "many" without citing sources, credibility is lost. Chayes contributed a thought provoking book - and her reflections more closely match what I saw in Afghanistan than accounts I've read in mainstream media do. Maybe the CIA should hire more journalists :)

6:01 PM  

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