Principal Killed in Wisconsin

Made the mistake of trying to listen to Wisconsin Public Radio again. They were talking about school violence in light of the school shooting in Casanovia Wisconsin. The "expert" was a professor from Smith college. He was happy to report that one of the causes of school violence was the war and President Bush. (poor leadership, intemperate language)

He also said that the resources absorbed by the war on terror and No Child Left Behind are the causes of school violence. He wanted more counselors hired for schools at a cost to taxpayers. This particular 15 year old child had spent the preceding days in anger management classes but that did not matter to this expert. He generally ignored the fact that outside of the school experience the shooter was an abused child with many contacts with the child protection services which always returned him to his abusive father (probably after counseling).

Callers were as bad as the "expert" except for the last caller who zeroed in on the abuse. One of the earlier callers claimed (falsely) that there were no killings in middle east schools because the teachers were armed. Therefore, he argued that teachers in Wisconsin should be armed so they could "take out" intruders.
He should get together with the Wisconsin legislators`who want 8 year old children to learn to shoot so they can go killing animals in the woods. Then we can have teachers killing 8 year old children and vice versa. Also, all the teachers and children killed in Afghanistan schools will be glad to know there are no shootings in schools in the middle east. Too bad they cannot hear because they are dead.

There is a consistent movement in this country to move the blame for violence away from parents. Because most people are parents and have made mistakes the collective unconscious rejects accountability for parents. Parents are not made responsible for funding the schools their children attend so they feel free to produce four and five kids for society as a whole to support. Parents are not held responsible for the crimes of minors so they feel free to beat and bully them. Parents treat children in ways that foster a rage that the minor cannot manage having no example of non violent conflict resolution at home.

This expert and many of the callers used this shooting to promote their political goals, prayer in school, guns for teachers, opposition to the Bush agenda etc., everything except responsible parenting and child protection agencies which we DO fund. No one demanded an investigation of the county child protection worker who returned this child to an abusive home more than once. No they ask that we duplicate these agencies in our schools so we can be taxed out of our homes for ineffective services.

The fact is parents do not want to change, they want to be free to act like thugs in our homes so they blame president Bush. My disgust is an ocean. Until we deal with violence in the home effectively, until we demand accountability from social service agencies as well as parents there will be violence in the schools. Violence in the home, combined with availability of weapons leads to the displaced anger of violence in the schools.


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