More Proof that Islam is a Fascist Religion

CNN is reporting that 6 Islamic groups of Pakistani legislators are threatening to walk out of Parliament, vacating their seats if the Pakistani rape laws are changed and Islamic groups are protesting the proposed change.

What are the rape laws currently that are so loved by these religious men?

A woman must have 4 witnesses to prove rape. If she cannot produce the four witnesses she is accused of adultery for which the punishment is death. And women are stoned and hanged for "adultery" which was actually a rape.

Of course there are never 4 witnesses to a rape. So women shut up, hope they do not get pregnant and the rapist does not come back to blackmail her until she does get pregnant.


Blogger Noumena said...

This isn't `proof' that Islam per se is a `fascist religion'. This is evidence that some Muslims are sexist douchebags.

By contrast, the existence of Islamic feminism is proof that Islam per se is not a sexist religion, as there are devout Muslims who are also thoroughgoing feminists. Here's a sample of the language they use to condemn the same douchebags you're targetting here:

In front of this situation, Islamic feminism declares that this alleged “Islamic Law” is not “God’s law”, as is claimed by those who promote it, but a human creation codified centuries ago in the context of societies in which women were considered to be the property of men and religious discourse lay in the hands of men. This movement considers that a degradation of Islamic tradition and distortion of the Sacred Text has taken place. Moreover, Islamic feminism affirms that true Islam contains important elements of liberation and calls for the recovery of those elements as a framework for social emancipation.

9:19 PM  
Anonymous Emily N. said...

I don't think it's fair to call an entire religion fascist. I do agree that some of the Pakistani legislature's members seem pretty fascist, but I fail to see how THEIR INTERPRETATION of Islam makes ALL OF ISLAM fascist.

9:03 AM  

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