Men for Hillary is a feminist blog you should read

There is an exceptionally great blog called Men for Hillary. What I like about it is that there is constant feminist analysis about the presidential campaign.

I have been disappointed, to say the least, how practically every blog with variations of the word "Feminist" in its' title turned out to be leftist women who are ignorant of feminist analysis at best and infatuated with Obama at worst. In other words, male identified women using the word feminist the way "Feminists for Life" does. Sometime feminists.

They self label as feminist because in issues related to their own personal freedom, they adopt feminist positions. But step outside the realm of their own reproductive rights or their right to attend law school and make the same money as men (all worthy goals) and there is zero feminist analysis. In fact on one such blog, they are actually arguing for an end to all women (born women only) gatherings as if women are bigots for wanting to occasionally be with other women (not in a club but at a once a year gathering).

At the same so called "feminist" blog, posters argue for the right of Turkey to begin rollbacks on the secularization of public institutions under the guise of "permissive" wearing of hair coverings. The idea is outside their experience of society, in a Muslim world where permission means mandatory. But to understand that would require a feminist world view.

We are now living in 1984 culture, a world of doublespeak, where feminist means anti-feminist. Read "GYNecology" by Mary Daley, for feminist survival in this brave new world.

So as I began to understand what was happening and watched these women argue for Obama under the guise of feminist analysis, it was so refreshing to join the Men for Hillary blog with its' UNRELENTING feminist analysis on every issue that reaches the print level in this country. I noticed great references to the skills of critical thinking which you do not find on many blogs.

Now there are fabulous feminist blogs doing the same thing and you will find them linked on the green column to your right under BLOGS (at the top of the Blog category). You have to scroll far down the green column to find "Favorite Blogs", way under all but 2 of the pictures. None of these actual feminist blogs have the word feminist in their title. How odd, it really has become the F word.

The male political blogs on the green column are, of course, all supporting Obama because they are the male left. The male left has the same response as the male right to women in powerful positions.

That is why the left ( both male and female) supports the oppression of Muslim women under the guise of moral relativism. I keep the male left blogs there because there is occasional good information as to what is occurring in the WI state legislature.


Anonymous Mark said...

Dear GC: Thank you for the nice words and support. I will be posting your site at my Blogroll in the next couple of minutes. Take care, and best wishes,

12:05 PM  
Blogger Octogalore said...

thanks for the tip!

7:33 PM  

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