Women Living Under Muslim Law

Here is some of the news about my sisters living under thug patriarchy - go to the site to read the whole story. Save Your Sister Save Yourself

Pakistan: Demand action after incident of sexual violence at the Islamic Learning Department of Karachi University
12/09/2006: Human Rights advocates are shocked over the attempted rape of a female law student by staff of the Islamic Learning Department of Karachi University on 28 July 2006. They urge you to write to the Pakistani authorities to demand action for the arrest of the perpetrators and the filing of a criminal case.

Feminism in the Muslim World Leadership Institutes Anissa Hélie (Published: 2000)
We are delighted that this report is now available online. It focuses on the planning of the Institutes and the major topics and debates that occurred during the Institutes

International: Campaign for Arab women's right to nationality (Women's Learning Partnership)
8/10/2006: A wonderful web resource about the campaign, featuring a panel discussion, blogs and activities on the theme of, "Women as Equal Citizens: Advocating for Change in Muslim-Majority Societies."

Afghanistan: Afghan leaders protest the murder of Safia Amajan (Afghan Women's Network)
6/10/2006: On 5 October, civil society and NGO community gathered to protest the murder of Safia Amajan and demand significant changes in security policy from national and international forces.

Afghanistan: Open letter on the assassination of Qandahar women’s rights activist Safia Amajan (Afghan Women's Network)
6/10/2006: An open letter to the Afghan authorities and international community from Afghan civil society in response to the assassination of Safia Amajan and increasing violence against women, especially those in public life.

Yemen: Honor crimes - injustice for women (Yemen Observer)
9/10/2006: While Yemen struggles to prove it is fertile ground for freedom and democracy, its efforts are often thwarted by ingrained traditions at odds with those concepts.

As always the warriors in this battle are in the organization Women Against Fundamentalism. At a fascist pseudo feminist website, which banned me in response to my criticism,(throwing a burka over me just as the mullahs do to women) it was said that WAF could not possibly represent Muslim women because they organized in England. RAWA, the Pastune group which opposed the invasion of Afghanistan, was held up as the true Representative of Muslim women. Can you guess which country RAWA organizes from? (I use the word organize loosely, mainly they ask for money for projects out of the US that they will not prove actually exist).

These women have an Ayan Rand philosophy which dictates that western women should never help anyone but themselves. If we try to do so we are labeled racist colonialist. These women do not hold to the concept that helping any woman fight patriarchal oppression helps all women, i.e., the rising of the women is the rising of the caste. This attitude shows that these women never organized at all because the whole women's movement and all our victories from the abolitionists through the second wave consisted of the united efforts of victims and non-directly affected women who made the connections between one group's oppression and the position of all women.


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