Can you believe Nagin's stupid pet policy still killing people in New Orleans

For the second time, people are going to die because of the stupid and callous policies of New Orleans criminal Mayor Ray Nagin who will not take poor people's pets out of danger.

As a result the people will not leave.

CNN showed us two older people. A man on Josephine Street who will not leave because they told him that they would not take his two dogs, in fact they told him the dogs would have to be killed. So he is going to try to survive RITA in his pitiful, destroyed home on Josephine Street. Another story was of a old woman, her three dogs and her goat.

I believe that this time, if poor people die because of this criminal abandonment of responsibility, the Mayor ought to be liable either civilly or criminally.

At least we should tell him what we think of his policies. I did and so can you. What kind of corruption fuels this man?

New Orleans City Hall
1300 Perdido Street
New Orleans, LA 70112
City Hall Operator: (504) 658-4000
Contact Mayor C. Ray Nagin.

When I tried to write this crook to go get the guy on Josephine St, this is the message I got.
" We could not send your Contact Us request, please try again a later time. Thank You."

So I wrote the Governor, whose email address is in the post below. It is so typical of Nagin to be safe while he condemns others to death by his policies.


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