The Death of Feminism

Phyllis Chesler was one of the first feminist I read in 1970 and she radicalized me. Chesler, Kate Millett, Andrea Dworkin, Redstockings, Mary Daley - I did not always agree with them but I identified with them.

Chesler is still my sister and teacher.

New: The Death of Feminism: What’s Next In the Struggle for Women’s Freedom
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The Kirkus reviews Chesler's new book.
Phyllis Chesler in The Death of Feminism aims a loud wake-up call at her fellow feminists, charging that while feminism is not exactly dead, it is failing, suffering from the disease of politically correct passivity.

She argues that Western feminists are not focusing on the really important problem: jihadic Islamic terrorism. Western feminists, she claims, are largely leftists infected by a multicultural relativism that is actually a disguised form of racism and sexism, and they do not understand the dangers to our lives and our values represented by reactionary Islamism; further, she says, they have become rigid and intolerant of diverse opinions, silencing and harassing anyone, such as herself, who disagrees with them.

Chesler's personal experience with Muslim male psychology and the Islamic way of life is the subject of a chapter titled "My Afghan Captivity," in which she tells of her mistreatment and virtual imprisonment in Kabul as the bride of a Western-educated Afghan and of her eventual escape back to the United States.

She uses the expression "gender apartheid" to describe the position of women in fundamentalist Islamic societies, which seems a curiously bland term for cultural acceptance of genital mutilation, forced marriages of young girls, stoning of women and "honor" crimes.

The author provides a host of examples of the brutal crimes committed against women by fundamentalist Muslim men, not just in non-Western countries but also in Europe, where millions of Muslims have emigrated in past decades and are largely unassimilated and hostile to Western culture. American feminists, she urges, must make the plight of Muslim women one of their top priorities. In her final chapter, Chesler calls on American feminists to rethink their priorities and work to make U.S. foreign policy reflect their concern for women's rights everywhere.

A fierce polemic, filled with vigorous arguments and distressing human stories.

The Death of Feminism: What’s Next In the Struggle for Women’s Freedom
“To read Phyllis Chesler is to encounter one of the most challenging and original minds in the world today. Every Chesler book takes on the conventional wisdoms and political correctness with verve and insight. The Death of Feminism is a tour de force, combining personal experience, brilliant analysis and heart-felt advocacy. Chesler demonstrates how anti-Israel bigotry, which has already damaged the credibility of many human rights organizations, is now endangering feminism. A must read.”--Alan Dershowitz, author of The Case For Peace: How the Arab-Israeli Conflict Can Be Resolved

“With passionate eloquence, one of the founders of modern feminism indicts Western feminists for their indifference to the plight of women oppressed under reactionary Islam. The Death of Feminism is a fearless act of truth-telling.”--David Frum, co-author of An End to Evil: How to Win the War on Terror

“Phyllis Chesler has written a brave and passionate book. Let the hypocrites she denounces on the feminist Left and their politically correct allies quail.”--Hillel Halkin, author of Letters To An American Jewish Friend, Across The Sabbath River, and A Strange Death

“Phyllis Chesler has lived a fascinating, engaged and passionate life. In this book she has written about two worlds she knows intimately: feminism and Islam. Her text is about the latter's war against women and the former's war against itself. If you read this book, it will change the way you think about both.”--David Horowitz, author of Unholy Alliance: Radical Islam and the American Left

In The Death of Feminism Phyllis Chesler explores a system of “Islamic gender apartheid” both East and West and throughout the world now. At first it seems simple, then it grows more complex and involuntary and eventually becomes diabolic in its curtailment of every woman’s human rights.
She knows whereof she speaks: in a chapter entitled “My Afghan Captivity,” Phyllis describes how she herself was held hostage to reactionary custom as a young bride. Had her pregnancy been known she would never have escaped. But she survived and in telling her story she is sounding a warning to the West which, in the fullness of multi-cultural relativism, it ignores to its peril. --Kate Millett, author of Sexual Politics and Going to Iran

“Phyllis Chesler brings an eloquent and righteous anger to bear against Western feminists for their dual habit of overlooking the plight of Muslim women and blaming Israel, by far the Middle East's most feminist country, for the woes of that region. Chesler's focus on this topic, it turns out, is informed by an intensely personal experience; in The Death of Feminism she reveals her nightmare as a young wife in Afghanistan in 1961. That event, it turns out, was a crucible vital both to her general intellectual development and to the making of this powerful book.” --Daniel Pipes, author of Militant Islam Reaches America and In the Path of God: Islam and Political Power

“Phyllis Chesler here supplies what has been conspicuously lacking since 9/11: a comprehensive call to women to defend their equality of dignity as human beings against a foe that short-sighted multiculturalists and advocates of political correctness have up to now given a pass -- despite its obvious threat to them. Chesler here speaks out fearlessly, passionately, and profoundly against the dehumanization of women that is institutionalized in Islamic Sharia law and manifested in innumerable ways in Islamic societies -- as well as among Muslim immigrants to Western countries. This book should not be missed by any feminist, but not only feminists: Chesler sounds a call that every woman in the Western world, and every man, should heed before it's too late.” --Robert Spencer, author of Islam Unveiled and Onward Muslim Soldiers

Feminisim is dead, long live new feminism! This is the message of Phyllis Chesler's fascinating study of Islamic gender apartheid that, transcending the traditional frontiers of Islam, is spreading to the West including the United States. Anyone interested in understanding Islamism, this latest enemy of open societies, should read this book.”--Amir Taheri, author of The Cauldron: The Middle East Behind the Headlines

“Ms. Chesler's book is a welcome critique of the Feminist Left's willful and shameful neglect of their sisters' plight in the Islamic World. Rejecting cultural relativism or political correctness, Ms. Chesler paints a depressing but truthful picture of the world that women under Islam have to live in. One hopes Ms. Chesler’s book will bring about not only a change in attitudes but some sort of political and social action on behalf of women suffering because of the totalitarian and misogynistic tenets of Islam.”--Ibn Warraq, editor of Leaving Islam: Apostates Speak Out

“With great talent and in a vivid style, Phyllis Chesler observes every aspect of today's American culture, politics, and society with humor and through a feminist lens. This enlightening picture unveils the most dramatic domestic and international problems of our times, including that of Islamic gender apartheid, analyzed by a daring and politically incorrect lover of truth.”--Bat Ye'or, author of Eurabia and Islam and Dhimmitude


“This is a must read book by any independent thinking liberal, conservative or middle of the roader. With precision, accuracy, honesty and compassion, Phyllis Chesler has made the compelling case for a long overdue, much needed paradigm shift in the world feminist movement. By naming names and with disturbing examples, she points out that modern feminism dangerously dismisses fundamentalist radical Islam's atrocities against women as multiculturally politically correct, while at the same time attributing much of this oppression to a growing anti-Israelism within the movement. In doing so, she suggests that these feminists have become accomplices in the direct and indirect oppression of Muslim, Jewish and other women worldwide, through their own faulty thinking and prejudices.”--Edward S. Beck, President, Scholars for Peace in the Middle East


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Every one of these endorsements, possibly excepting Millett, is either from a Jew or an ethnic Arab/ex-Muslim. WHile what Chesler has to say might be interesting, it worries me that conservative non-feminists such as David Horowitz and Daniel Pipes are endorsing it. If I were to judge on the endorsers alone, I might conclude that the book focuses on Muslim-bashing and not on women.

4:44 PM  
Blogger greenconsciousness said...

"is either from a Jew or an ethnic Arab/ex-Muslim - conservative non-feminists "

Well I gather these are the garbage people whose views are TO BE DISCOUNTED BECAUSE OF THEIR RACE OR POLITICS. What epithet do you have for me ? Because I too share their beliefs - I am not a Jew - perhaps I am not a feminist? Or maybe you can find another name to call me so you do not have to deal with the facts and the argument. I am sorry to be sarcastic but you are anti - Jew and Jew bashing - you are what you accuse others of being - as we all project on others our own shadow. DEAL WITH WHAT SHE SAYS - DO NOT DISCOUNT PEOPLE BECAUSE OF THEIR RACE OR POLITICS. PLEASE CLICK ON THE SEPT ARCHIVES TO YOUR RIGHT ON THE GREEN COLUMN - CLICK ON "ROBERTS VS BREAD AND ROSES" AND WRITE ME WHAT YOU THINK OF THAT ENTRY. I really want to know what you think of that because that is me not Phyllis.

5:17 PM  
Blogger John Sobieski said...

Liberals, feminists, leftists, whatever you want to name them - they cannot continue to protect the Islamists because the right, conservatives, whatever you want to call them has, taken the position that Islam is a major threat to Western civilization. That is, whatever 'they' are against, 'I' am for.

You need only study islam to know it is poison for feminists. Before you dismiss me, I want to give you a few words from Islam - taqiyya, kitman, jizya, dhimmitude. Why are Esposito and Armstrong considered a joke for their books on Islam? If you do not know what these words mean or why Armstrong and Espositio are derided, you need to do much more research about Islam before dismissing the islamic threat as a right wing 'ghost enemy.'

John Sobieski, PI
The Pedestrian Infidel Blog

7:08 PM  
Anonymous OmarKhan said...

I just googled-it

Precautionary dissimulation of one’s religious beliefs, especially in time of persecution or danger, a practice especially adopted by the Shi‘i Muslims.

the word kitman comes from the verb katama, which means to hide, to conceal.

A tax imposed on non-Muslims in a Muslim state meant to compensate the state for the protection given to non-Muslims who are not permitted to serve in the military.

A Dhimmi, or Zimmi (Arabic ذمّي), as defined in classical Islamic legal and political literature, is a person living in a Muslim state who is a member of an officially tolerated non-Muslim religion. The term literally means "protected person."

10:52 PM  
Blogger greenconsciousness said...

Hey, Are you guys on track here? Chesler has written a book that exposes the way that a religion and a culture, Islam, combine to reduce women to property - slavery to men by the method of “Islamic gender apartheid” enforced by Sharia law. Women are slaves everywhere Islam is practiced.

And also, her book asks the question; Why are feminists in the organized U.S. movement denying this, silent about this and silencing and blaming toward the women who denounce Islamic gender apartheid? Has the feminist movement which started by radical women breaking with the sexist left been co-opted by the same old leftist sexism, ie, opposition to BUSH is more important than the liberation of women in the middle east. Our leftist male goals, our partisan politics are more important than your women's issues.
The thing that this war showed me, is that feminism is dead as a movement in this country and the decay is all that is left. This is dangerous for women's rights here will be eliminated one by one. It seems the new generation must learn the hard way what oppression feel like although you would think they could just look at the life of women in the middle east and get the picture.

Greenconsciousness asks, "Where were the feminists during the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq who should have been organizing to demand that shelters be built for women who did not accept their slave status?

8:11 AM  
Blogger bernie said...

I linked to your article from I never had nearly naked teachers

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